Random Five Friday

This week has been spent cleaning and getting everything ready for our family reunion tomorrow. So, today, I’ll just share some random recent photos.

1.) Perhaps my favorite picture (so far) of my hummie.  I love that he poses for me on the feeder.

hummie 7-25-2014 12-43-09 PM

2.) The crape myrtles are blooming: it must be summer! This one is actually more purple than what it appears in this photo.

 crepe myrtle 7-26-2014 7-10-31 AM

 3.)  Although I know it’s completely unreliable, last week, I began watching the extended forecast for Saturday’s weather. When I first looked at it, the forecast for tomorrow was “Rain, 90%”.  As time passed, that chance of precip has gone down to 15%, and is now at a 50% chance of scattered thunderstorms. We can only hope they’re scattered somewhere other than our yard.

4.) Yesterday, Motor Man and I did our end-of-the-month work at our shop. I had assistance.


5.) My niece and her son arrived yesterday for their annual visit, so I’m taking a little vacation from blogging. I’ll try to do some blog visiting next week, but won’t be posting.  These Days will return on August 11. Have a good week!

~These Days Of Mine~


24 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. I love your hummie and saw one myself last night 🙂 Have a wonderful time at your reunion and with your niece & family … will look for you on your return. Cheers! ~MJ

  2. Enjoy your vacation and your visitors! Hope the rain passes you by.


  3. Have a fabulous reunion and time off!!! Good for you! I love Hummie posing for you. Mine are still being very elusive. The one thing I miss the most from living in NC is seeing the crepe myrtles—-I love those trees. We had several in our yard and they lined the medians on the interstate—it always made me smile when I drove by them. Praying for no rain for you!!!! Enjoy your time “off”.

  4. You know I’ll miss your blogs but everyone needs a vacation. And when you return, I know you’ll have new pictures for us.

  5. Have a nice vacation and fingers crossed the rain holds off.

  6. Love all of these! And it’s only natural that Birthday twins would be taking the EXACT same days for vacation!! I’ll send you a message and maybe we can see each other sometime next week:)

  7. I too love the elegance of our hummingbirds, and there is something so serene about “our” soft green feeders too. Liked the little splash of sun on his beak too. Your crape myrtle is nice and clean mine has hairy knees. So glad you niece and Connor are here! enjoy and love life!!!

  8. Enjoy your visitors, your family reunion (will keep my fingers crossed for no rain for you), and your time off.

  9. I love your little hummie. Enjoy your family…rain or shine!

  10. enjoy your family reunion and good luck with the weather!

  11. This was a good R5F send-off for the week! … see everybody again soon!

  12. Fingers crossed for gorgeous weather for your reunion! Enjoy your time off with your niece and her son! Enjoy that beautiful yard up there in click #2!
    Have fun on your break!

  13. Beautiful photos and I love your “helper.” Have a great reunion and visit.

  14. Have a great family reunion!
    Do the crape myrtles have a fragrance?
    They’re very pretty.

  15. May you have perfect weather and may you have lots of fun! I do love the posing hummer and your photo is spectacular. I also love your “office helper.”

  16. The hummies have such perfect posture, don’t they? I could watch them all day…unfortunately I have to go to the office, but I enjoy them on the weekend.

  17. Crape myrtles are a favorite of mine because they bloom for so long. What a gift of summer. Enjoy your company and your break. Praying the rain gives you a breather for your reunion.

  18. I hope the weather cooperates for your reunion. Gypsy gets prettier every day!

  19. Beautiful hummer pic! Love the pic of Gypsy helping 🙂 Enjoy your family and time off!

  20. May the weather be spectacular for your reunion. Enjoy your time away for a while or as long as you need. Wonderful hummingbird photo.
    Love crape myrtles. The city house was a late bloomer, blooming in August while all the others bloomed earlier in the summer. Perhaps because of all the trees…too much shade?

  21. Hi …I am a fan of Aggie the white horse on the highway to the obx. I used to live in Powells Point where I could check her quite often and bring her treats and water as I had noted this summer her water is scarce! How often do you pass by and check? I have had a horsey person tell me she has “Mud Fever” which can be quite serious! I am worried sick since I live too far to check her regularly as I was. She is too marvelous a horse to not be taken care of properly. I am sure you have noticed her hooves not being take care of. Can you email me when you get a minute? I love that independent marvelous horse! Have a great weekend and try and stay DRY!

  22. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    In spike of the weather I hope your reunion was wonderful. The humming bird is so sweet and I know you get much enjoyment from watching them.
    Your crepe myrtle is pretty. They are one of my favorite summer trees.
    Enjoy your time with your niece and nephew.

  23. Have fun with your family and have a wonderful blog vacation! I look forward to hearing all about it when you return.

  24. We’re all doing a ‘sun’ dance for you!

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