Daily Archives: December 5, 2014

Random Five Friday

Friday once again: time for five random thoughts.

1.) Yesterday, I attended the graveside funeral for a relative. As I sat in the car, waiting for time for the service, I had the radio softly playing, and heard the song “Turn, Turn, Turn” .  Oddly enough, immediately after that, the next song was “Don’t Fear The Reaper”. During the service, the pastor used the passage of scripture (Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8) upon which the lyrics to “Turn, Turn, Turn” were based.

 2.)  An interesting sunset from last week. I took this as we traveled down the highway past a nearby farm and was pleased at the result.

sunset taylor farm 11-27-2014 4-02-09 PM

3.) In response to yesterday’s post, we had some wonderful suggestions for names for our “Elf on the Shelf”: Speedy, Lil Nick, Keeny, Checkers, Merrio (Andretti) and Sparky.  Decisions, decisions…. Motor Man took this picture last night on our way to dinner; “Elf” was just hanging around.

db and elf 12-4-2014 4-12-02 PM

4.) Christmas decorating at our house just may begin this weekend. I’m guessing I may, once again, have some help with the tree.

sundae in christmas tree 12-23-2011 9-09-27 PM

5.) Girls’ day out tomorrow!  Details coming in a post next week.

~These Days Of Mine~