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Another E-bay Find

My first experience with E-bay was just about 13 years ago. Motor Man and I were planning our wedding, and I was in search of a dress, which I found on E-bay. But that’s a post for another day.

I have “searches” stored in my E-bay, which means that I receive emails whenever an item with a particular word (which I’ve entered in the search) is listed.

Last week, one of my searches resulted in a notification for this book:


For those of you who may not know, my childhood home is in Surry County, and I now live in adjacent Isle of Wight County.

I wasn’t familiar with this “booklet”; it wasn’t among my collection of Surry County genealogical/historical books. The opening bid was $9.00 (with free shipping), so I entered a bid for that amount and promptly forgot about it.

A few days later, I received an email saying that I’d won the auction, so I entered my Paypal information. And promptly forgot about it.

Monday, Motor Man and I stopped to get our mail, and there was a package for me. I wondered what it was, because… I had forgotten about the book. Motor Man was chuckling as I began flipping through the pages and squealing with delight at the content.

There are several mentions of Bacon’s Castle and many other areas and people of Surry County that are so familiar to me. This page, in particular, notes many neighborhoods within the county. I grew up in the little village of Bacon’s Castle, and those of us from that area have always referred to it as just “The Castle”. And our home was on the Stage Road that’s mentioned on this page.

page1 12-9-2014 8-53-45 PM

I decided to do a little research about the book, and discovered that the Surry Historical Society has a reprint of it, which sells on the web-site for $19.  I dug a little deeper and entered a search for the original, published in 1963, on a couple of out-of-print book web-sites.

I found there are a few available. You may need to click to enlarge, but the least expensive one is $65.00.

Fullscreen capture 1292014 70219 AM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 1292014 70329 AM.bmp

So, once again, thank you, Ebay.

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