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Random Five Friday

Happy Friday! Ready for some randomness?

1.) Tonight, our little town hosts the second annual Evening Christmas Craft and Food Market. I missed last year’s, so I’m looking forward to tonight. Plus a few friends are coming to enjoy it with me. At the Christmas Store on Main Street, there will be a special appearance by Donna Strother Deekens, the former Miller & Rhoads Snow Queen, who will be signing copies of her book, “The Real Santa of Miller & Rhoads”.  For those of you not from this area, the Santa at Miller & Rhoads in Richmond was THE REAL Santa.

Marshall with the Snow Queen, 1986

Marshall with the Snow Queen, 1986

I found this quote from an interview with Ms. Deekens: “The children would come up to the Snow Queen first, and she would chat with them and find out their names and put them at ease. [The Snow Queen would relay the child’s name to Santa using a special “connection,” which is still a secret to the general public.] Then Santa would be able to call over the child [by name]…”

Marshall’s first grade class visited the REAL Santa.

marshall and santa 12-11-2014 8-12-24 PM

2.) Speaking of Santa, I saw this picture on the internet yesterday and wanted to share it. The newborn’s name is Scarlett, and she fell asleep just as it was time for her to visit Santa, so he improvised. I’m guessing this Santa loves his job.

santa and scarlet 12-10-2014 8-51-40 PM

3.) Sundae loves her job as Christmas tree inspector.  When we put up our tree this week, she was VERY interested, so much so that a few of the ornaments were soon moved to higher branches.

sundae and ornament 12-9-2014 9-47-09 PM

4.) Once again, I’m using Random Five Friday to convey special birthday wishes. My friend, Linda’s, birthday is tomorrow. Linda and I met in 1997, when I went to work with her. I changed jobs three years later, but our friendship has continued.

lt 2-26-2014 2-06-42 PM

5.) And Sunday is my sister, June’s, birthday. (She’s known me quite a bit longer than Linda has.)

June and her girls

June and her girls

 Christmas happenings and birthdays make for a fun Random Five Friday. Your turn: feel free to share your randomness!

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