Random Five Friday

Friday once again: time for five random thoughts.

1.) Yesterday, I attended the graveside funeral for a relative. As I sat in the car, waiting for time for the service, I had the radio softly playing, and heard the song “Turn, Turn, Turn” .  Oddly enough, immediately after that, the next song was “Don’t Fear The Reaper”. During the service, the pastor used the passage of scripture (Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8) upon which the lyrics to “Turn, Turn, Turn” were based.

 2.)  An interesting sunset from last week. I took this as we traveled down the highway past a nearby farm and was pleased at the result.

sunset taylor farm 11-27-2014 4-02-09 PM

3.) In response to yesterday’s post, we had some wonderful suggestions for names for our “Elf on the Shelf”: Speedy, Lil Nick, Keeny, Checkers, Merrio (Andretti) and Sparky.  Decisions, decisions…. Motor Man took this picture last night on our way to dinner; “Elf” was just hanging around.

db and elf 12-4-2014 4-12-02 PM

4.) Christmas decorating at our house just may begin this weekend. I’m guessing I may, once again, have some help with the tree.

sundae in christmas tree 12-23-2011 9-09-27 PM

5.) Girls’ day out tomorrow!  Details coming in a post next week.

~These Days Of Mine~


18 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. So sorry about you cousin – that Ecclesiastes scripture is a favorite. What fun with the Elf and Sundae – love the name suggestions. Enjoy your Girls Day Out! Happy Friday!

  2. The sunset photo is really beautiful with the stark tree branches in silhouette……….I think you’ll decide soon on your elf’s name – you have some good suggestions!


  3. you have the perfect lil helper with the tree! 🙂 MJ

  4. I’m sure your little helper will give you more help decorating than you really want. Maybe the elf with no name can keep Sundae entertained!

  5. I love the sunset photo…beautiful! It looks like someone has already started to decorate. Enjoy your day out with the girls!

  6. Sympathies to you on the death of your cousin. Funny how those songs were playing, huh? Last time I was making cards for hospice the song that came on first was Don’t Fear the Reaper. We must listen to the same music. 🙂

  7. So sorry about the death of your family member. You have some great names to choose from…Merrio Andretti is funny. If you put an “M” in front of the last name you’d have MM. The last picture really shows there’s another family member who’s going to enjoy the decorations. Very cute.

  8. The photo of a nearby farm is again something to frame. Gorgeous.

  9. I love your randoms, they’re so….random! 😉 Seriously, I’m sorry for your loss on another family member, but how fitting the ‘Turn, Turn, Turn’ song was. The sunset was gorgeous of course. Fun to see “Elf” just hanging out with you two and I bet you will have lots of “help” from Sundae!

  10. Love that sunset and looks like you have a great decorating helper there! Whee would call the elf Tipsy Toes, because that’s what hoomans like to be this time of year!


  11. When songs line up like that, it makes you stop & think – especially given the circumstances..
    Great sunset photo- love the shapes of the tree branches against the sky..
    & it looks like Sundae’s posing for a Christmas card photo 😉

  12. An interesting week. And your photo of the sunset is stunning.

  13. I’m sorry about your relative. The picture of the sunset is beautiful. I’m a little scared to put the tree up – it will be the first time the kittens will have one! Ellie

  14. Those moments of serendipity can have such meaning. Sorry about your relative, Dianna. Have fun with your tree this weekend.

  15. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Music has a way of touching us when we don’expect it. Sorry for your loss. I have a feeling Elf is going to bring you and JR a very interesting Christmas. The sunset pic is beautiful. Have a good weekend with friends and decorating.

  16. Beautiful sunset!
    Attending a funeral always brings perspective, doesn’t it? I’m sorry for your loss.
    Hope the decorating goes well. None of that going on here, but I’ll be with my daughter on the 19th and will get some holiday cheer then, complete with the little ones! ~ Sheila

  17. Sorry for your loss, Dianna. Your elf gets out of the house! And then there’s the tree-decorating elf…

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