Daily Archives: December 4, 2014

Sundae Meets “Elf With No Name”

After seeing so many friends posting pictures of their “Elf On The Shelf” elves’ antics, I decided that we needed one at our house. Never mind that there are no little ones in our family; Motor Man and I are both kids at heart.

We’re still trying to decide on a name…maybe something that incorporates racing and Christmas. We thought about naming him Speedy, but then remembered that’s the name of the Alka Seltzer fella.

In the meantime, Sundae and the elf-with-no-name had a chance encounter last night.

sundae elf 12-3-2014 9-38-26 PM

Hmmmm… Sundae, you’d better be careful.

sundae elf foot 12-3-2014 9-38-38 PM

What have you done, Sundae?

what 12-3-2014 9-38-41 PM

Yeah, that’s probably a good idea; you should definitely be nice to “elf”; you know that he reports to Santa on your behavior.

sundae and elf 2 12-3-2014 9-38-50 PM

And perhaps you’d better let Motor Man know about that, too…

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