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For Gypsy’s Fan Club

Gypsy’s fan club members have spoken: they want to see pictures of her.  They say it’s been too long since she’s been featured here on These Days. So, by popular demand, here are a few recent pictures of Gyp-Gyp.

Look who she met last week. I’m sure Santa Paws going to bring her lots of prezzies; she’s been a very good kitty this year.

jr gypsy elf 12-4-2014 12-12-29 PM

Gypsy’s favorite place is on Motor Man’s shoulder. We think it goes back to when she was just a baby and first adopted us:

gypsy and jr 9-8-2013 3-56-25 PM

When Motor Man is at his desk, she will sit in front of him until he lies back in his chair, then she moves up on his shoulder. It’s unusual for me to see her there; she usually only does that when he’s at the shop alone. Sometimes, she’ll lie there on his shoulder until he finally moves her. (Has she grown a little since she became our shop kitty?)


She also helps him when he’s at the computer.

jr and gypsy 12-6-2014 4-29-36 PM

So that’s what Gypsy’s been up to lately. And she says thank you to her fan club members for requesting photos.

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