Daily Archives: December 17, 2014

A Picture To Melt My Heart

It’s been a long time since a picture has touched me the way this one does that I’m sharing today.

Yesterday, Gypsy had an appointment with the vet: it was a routine check-up, and her distemper and rabies shots were due.  Motor Man said that he’d go with me to take her.

Gypsy could NOT have been any better. She only meowed once on the trip to the vet (it’s about a mile). We had to wait for about 20 minutes once we got to the office, but she never made a sound. Once in the examining room, she didn’t fight or cry or squirm to get away.

The vet and assistant left the room to check the results of a test, and we weren’t sure if they were finished with Gypsy’s exam. I was standing by the examining table, rubbing her and talking to her. She wasn’t quivering, but we could tell she was apprehensive.

jrgypsy2a 12-16-2014 9-30-12 AM

Motor Man reached over and picked her up and cradled her in his arms. She was perfectly content there until the vet came in and said we were good to go.

I know some guys don’t care much for cats. When I was a child, our neighbor and landlord (an older man) once said to me: “I never found much for a cat to do”.

But Motor Man and Gypsy have definitely bonded, and it’s so obvious how safe and loved she feels with him.  (Hey, Gyp-Gyp, I know the feeling.)

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