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‘Tis The Season…

…to listen to Christmas music. And I’ve been doing that for a few weeks now. One of our local radio stations began playing it before Thanksgiving.

As I was listening a few days ago, I realized that some of those classic Christmas carols have, of course,  been part of my life all through the years…through my childhood….

One of the first Christmas songs I remember hearing as a child was “Rudolph, The Red-nosed Reindeer”. And my favorite memory of that song is that of my late brother-in-law teasing me, saying that the song was all wrong: Rudolph’s nose was really blue. When I squealed that it wasn’t blue, he would say that maybe it was green.

dianne and christmas tree

I’ve mentioned before that my sisters were teenagers when I was born, so Elvis was very popular at our house when I was a child. I remember hearing his “Blue Christmas” at a very young age, and wondering why he sang about Christmas being blue. I’d heard of a white Christmas, but not a blue one.

 “Joy To The World” was the first Christmas hymn I ever played in church. It was the night of our Christmas pageant, and I don’t recall why the regular pianist/organist wasn’t there. It was decided that, at the end of the program, the congregration would sing a hymn, and apparently, I was the only person there that could play the piano. I don’t remember how old I was, but I don’t think I was even a teenager yet. I had terrible stage fright, but I loved playing for everyone to sing.

…my teen years…

When I was a teenager, “Snoopy’s Christmas (Snoopy vs The Red Baron) was released. Far from being a Christmas classic to some folks, I guess, it brings back memories of my teen years. My friends and I just thought it was a fun song with a happy ending.

… then the years as a young wife and mother, sharing the excitement of Christmas with a little one and teaching him Christmas songs.

marshall santa 1982

Tomorrow I’ll continue with more Christmas songs and the memories they bring to mind each year when I hear them.

~These Days Of Mine~