And The Winner Is…

You may recall this post from August 24, 2014, sharing the three photos I submitted for the 2016 Corolla Wild Horse Fund Calendar contest. I asked my readers to select which one they thought the judges might choose.

Friday, the winners were announced, and I’m pleased and honored to say that, for the second consecutive year, one of my photos will indeed be in the calendar:

horse and surf 8-18-2013 7-48-42 AM

This photo was taken on  August 18, 2013.  Motor Man and I had driven up on the beach very early in the morning.  We prefer that time of day, because there are fewer people on the beach, less traffic, and it’s just a pretty time for photos.

I had gotten out of our vehicle, and Motor Man drove a little further up the beach to stop and wait for me. There were three horses on the beach,  one lying down.  I sat in the sand at the bottom of a nearby dune and just snapped pictures to my heart’s content.  It was a most peaceful, serene time, and I’m reminded of that when I see this photo.

Of the 43 comments left on my giveaway post, 23 readers selected this as their favorite or the one they thought might be selected by the judges.  Motor Man pulled one of those names “out of the hat” last night, and the winner is fellow Virginia blogger, Patti, from A New Day Dawns.

Patti, your prize is one of the 2016 Corolla Wild Horse Calendars, which will be available in April. If you’d like, we’ll meet for lunch, and I’ll deliver it in person.

Thanks, everyone, for all the comments and compliments. (And, yes, I already have a file set aside with possible photos for the 2017 contest.)

~These Days Of Mine~

20 responses to “And The Winner Is…

  1. Again, congratulations my friend! It’s a gorgeous photo – you have a million of them that are “publish-worthy”…….I’m very proud of you and I know MM and Marshall are too!


  2. Congrats again Dianna! It is a beautiful picture and the horse is awesome! Congratulations to Patti!!! Patti you lucky gal! How cool that she is there in Virginia and you two can meet for lunch! We are enjoying our 2015 Corolla Wild Horse calendar.. 🙂

  3. Congratulations, Dianna! Well deserved indeed…it’s a beautiful photo!

  4. They could make a beautiful calendar just using your pictures!! They made an excellent choice. An online friend from Chicago told me she bought the 2015 calendar for her daughter for Christmas and it was a huge hit!

  5. I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to see a winning photo for the next calendar because I know you will have one! Congrats to Patti too!

  6. Woo-Hoo!! Congrats to YOU & Patti!!

  7. YAY!!! Congratulations to you and your ‘helper’ – MM! My horse enthusiastic girls here at school are LOVING your 2015 calendar, and I get to see the pic everyday! I’m thrilled for your accolades!

  8. first, congratulations to YOU!! awesome! and then, congratulations to dear, wonderful patti! 🙂

  9. Congratulations again, Dianna. And lucky Patti!

  10. I am not surprised this was chosen Dianna. It is spectacular.

  11. I love this picture. Having owned horses I know how rare it is for even domestic horses to stay lying down when people are near. He was totally relaxed. I guess the surf effects horses the same way it does us.

  12. Congratulations once more !!
    The serenity of the scene comes through in the photo.. very peaceful ..

  13. Congratulations! What a wonderful picture! Ellie

  14. I am so proud of you Dianna and thrilled to learn it was your readers who helped you select the one to submit. Congratulations to you on another successful submission and Patti is so lucky, too.

  15. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Way to go, Dianna! Very nice.

  16. Congratulations Diana. I can see why they’d love and choose this shot.

  17. Bravo! Excellent picture quality and subject! Perfectly lovely.

  18. perfect! Well done, Dianna 🙂 MJ

  19. Thanks, Dianna! And congrats on making another calendar! I agree with Pam, they could make an entire calendar from your photos. I hope we can “do” lunch before April!

  20. Awesome! Congratulations! 🙂

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