Got Snow?

While I’m sure many of you are in the throes of a historic snow storm, we’re expecting a dusting today. Maybe an inch.

Last night, when Motor Man was closing the blinds, he called my attention to the sky.

snow cloud 1-26-2015 6-53-21 PM

Years ago, my mother pointed out a similar cloud, announced that it was a snow bank, and that we were in for a heavy snow.  I think we had a snowfall of about 12-14 inches later that day.

This next picture was taken just a few minutes ago….certainly no evidence that those clouds constituted a snow bank.

deck in snow 1-27-2015 6-39-13 AM

But, wait, it’s still snowing! Update tomorrow.

~These Days Of Mine~

16 responses to “Got Snow?

  1. BEAUTIFUL here – everything is coated, except the road – that’s PERFECT. ….AND a 2-hour day school delay. I’m liking it!

  2. That skiff of snow looks pretty on the deck! No snow in Missouri, we were in the fifties yesterday and it was sunny! Hope you don’t get a heavy amount. Good Morning!

  3. We’ve all been lucky with this particular snow – unlike up north where they have a blizzard of “epic” proportions! Stay warm…………


  4. Such pretty photos – I love it when you wake up with a dusting of snow – everything is so quiet!!

  5. Snow clouds. I do wonder what they look like. Stay warm and drive safely.
    It got into the high 60’s and 70’s yesterday. I actually switched out my sweater for a t-shirt down here.

  6. Beautiful photos. Have fun in the snow!

  7. We barely got enough snow to cover the grass. Unfortunately, the little we have came at night. Most of the fun of snow is watching it come down!

  8. have heard some parts were spared, so glad to hear that!

  9. It snowed all day here and we have several inches but the roads are cleared. Hubby did spend a good portion of the evening plowing out our long, steep driveway especially at the end where the roadway snow plows caused the snow to pile up pretty high. Then he was happy to come in and eat some more homemade beef vegetable soup. A nice winter day.

  10. Well we got about a whole 2″ here in PA! Cry WOLF…comes to mind.

  11. New York state – was expecting 2 feet, and we have maybe an inch so far. Zheesh! Ellie

  12. Definitely my favorite type of snow here- the roads are just fine !

  13. I heard a disc jockey say this morning, “My favorite kind of snow, none on the roads, the kids went to school and I don’t have to shovel snow”. Gotta love our little bit of snow.

  14. The rooftops are covered and the trees are beautiful with their coating of snow, but nothing stuck to the roads or sidewalks, so George had to go to work. Not even a late opening. But it sure is pretty.

  15. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    This was my favorite type of snow not on the road! Lovely pictures.

  16. That is an interesting cloud. Love all the colors in that little strip. Both are beautiful shots.

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