Random Five Friday

Another week has flown by;  let’s see what randomness we can find this Friday.

1.) My friend, Janet, in an early morning email Wednesday, mentioned the full moon setting. So I grabbed my coat, slipped on a pair of Motor Man’s rubber boots and headed out to the side yard (6:44 a.m.).

moon setting1 2-4-2015 6-44-06 AM

2.) Sundae has a  new “spot”.  Recently,  Motor Man placed his lap top case over the heat vent on his side of the bed. And Sundae just thinks it’s a perfect heating blanket. Fortunately, Motor Man only uses the lap top at home, so he doesn’t really need the case.

sundae on laptop case 2-1-2015 10-37-37 AM

3.) On a ride around town earlier this week, I made a new friend.  Sadly, I had no horse treats, and he didn’t seem interested in the one peppermint I managed to find. I’ll visit him again soon, and next time, I’ll be more prepared. “Seriously, is that all you have to offer? That’s it?”

db diesel 2-4-2015 4-52-39 PM

4.) Monday, on our anniversary, Motor Man and I took a little drive up to Bacon’s Castle. We were there at the time of our wedding, 13 years prior. No one else was there, so we set the timer on the camera and placed it on the hood of the vehicle (instant tripod).

dbjr close up bc 2-2-2015 1-52-01 PM

5.) Wondering what Gypsy’s been up to recently?  She’s just been hangin’ around.

db and gypsy 1-31-2015 5-22-36 PM

What’s your randomness this week?

~These Days Of Mine~

18 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. It really has been a week of random here…..little of this and little of that….nothing earth-shattering but the COLD!!


  2. Looks like it was a great week, Dianna. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. hmmmm…Sundae knows how to pick a warm spot.
    Random comment: I like how you all wear winter scarves. What a fun accessory we don’t use down here, except the pretty infinity ones in the spring and summer.

    • Georgette, I hadn’t realized until I read your comment that I’m wearing a scarf in each of these pictures. Shouldn’t surprise me: I love them and wear one almost daily! Have a good weekend!

  4. Wonderful setting with the full moon hovering above the water, and reflecting so beautifully in the scenery.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. The picture of the horse looking for a treat …. funny!!

  6. I’m glad you got the moon shot, very nice! I envy Sundae her warm spot…I don’t think I’ve been warm since Nov.
    I thought at first your new friend was Aggie!!

  7. Sometimes we forget the beauty in our week – your randomness reminds us that “Yes! It has been a beautiful week.” Thanks for reminding all of us.

  8. 1) Wonderful moon shot. I can almost here the birds waking in song (if it was warm enough).
    2) I see Sundae knows it’s a good idea to check out any new thing on the floor and if it’s warm then it has to of been put there just for her comfort. lol She’s so cute.
    3) That’s a pretty horse. His dark bangs gives him an air of being a distinguished character. I look forward to hearing more about your handsome new friend.
    4) Great photo of you & MM to celebrate the day and locale.
    5) Ah Miss Gypsy. She truly is a beautiful ornament to have hanging around.

    Have a great weekend. 🙂

  9. Been a bunch of random roller coaster weather in our neck of the woods.. crazy! Enjoy the weekend!

  10. cute kitties and sweet new horsie friend (i won’t tell aggie!)

  11. Happy Anniversary, you two look like a couple kids. A random week looks absolutely beautiful in your neck of the woods. The other night, I was driving home from work late and notice how big and full and bright the moon was. I wish I had a camera with me. My random week was spent at work. It’s a great job though and I met a young man who wanted to make his girlfriend a little book because he is going to ask her to marry him. So we picked out a bunch of stuff and he’ll be in today with all his photo’s. What a nice fellow. Love your Kitty photo’s so much. Tummy photo’s are the best x

  12. Great moon shot ! – they aren’t easy …
    I can see Sundae keeping that spot for a while …
    Perfect caption for the horse pic …
    Always great to see the Castle – it looks like they might’ve painted a bit …
    Gyp’s not a lapcat, she’s a kneecat !
    Have a good weekend !

  13. I miss those moon sets. They used to wake me up in the middle of the night shinning in my bedroom window across the river. My whole life is random these days traveling from PA to VA to NC and back to PA only to start over again in a couple weeks! Mother Nature also has had a lot of randomness going on with the weather!

  14. So cute – all your randoms. I love your new friend and Sundae’s hangin around. Happy Anniversary!

  15. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I love the ideal that you two went and took a picture 13 years later! ❤ Sundae and Gypsy are two very blessed kitties! Chuck and I had a busy week but a good one.

  16. Sundae knows how to stay warm! Our Callie used to park herself on the rug in front of my kitchen sink because there was a heat vent there and it was a nice warm spot in winter. Not too convenient for me though! As always, your randoms were great. I especially liked your new friend kind of looking down his nose at you wondering why there were no treats in your hand. 😉

  17. I never thought to look for a “moon set.” Good thing MM doesn’t need the laptop case–I don’t think Sundae is giving it up until spring. Love your new friend! Great idea to revisit the castle at the time of your wedding. Gypsy looks comfy. 🙂

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