Wordless Wednesday: Hello, My Deer

deer 2-8-2015 5-38-37 PM

~These Days Of Mine~

14 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Hello, My Deer

  1. Love seeing deer………….we had a small herd in the front yard this morning………about five (that I could see in the dark anyway!).


  2. We have deer rustling through the leaves hoovering acorns. Every morning! I had a dream Sunday night that they ate all our bushes!

  3. Lovely Deer stepping out to say Hello. 🙂
    Unfortunately, We haven’t seen the Doe & Fawn around here since deer season. We figure they became part of the food chain… such as it goes with the bittersweet circle-of-life.

  4. He looks as if he/she was waiting for you to snap that picture!!

  5. Her sisters are in my back yard!!!

  6. And her cousins have been romping through our yard leaving lots of tracks in the snow!!

  7. Precious and ‘deadly’ to my plants. I saw one that has an unusual spot pattern. It’s not the usual fawn pattern, but more on it’s hind quarters – just beautiful but too close to the highway. I’m afraid he’s going to get hit.

  8. Like I always say – they know they’re safe out there ; )

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    A beautiful picture of a beautiful animal!

  10. Have you seen the lame deer lately? Does she have any babies?

  11. Can’t resist those big brown eyes.

  12. Love it. Looks like you have a friend spying on you!

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