Icy River

It began snowing here Monday around mid afternoon. Since we’ve had cold frigid temperatures for several days, ice was already on portions of the river. I thought it would be nice to take a series of photos from our balcony as the storm progressed.

The first one was taken at 2:39 Monday afternoon.

balcony monday 239 2-16-2015 2-39-16 PM

The next one was at 3:34.

monday balcony at 3342-16-2015 3-34-45 PM 2-16-2015 3-34-45 PM

And at 4:10.

balcony monday 410 2-16-2015 4-10-15 PM 2-16-2015 4-10-15 PM

We had approximately 6-8 inches of snow and some sleet Monday night. Around mid morning yesterday, the sun was out.

This picture was taken yesterday at 1:27.

balcony tuesday 2-17-2015 1-27-02 PM

We rarely see the river with this much ice.

The snow came, it was pretty, I took lots of pictures…..now I’m ready for it to leave.

~These Days Of Mine~

19 responses to “Icy River

  1. Great photos…..we’re more than ready for this weather to leave too – sadly, more snow due this afternoon!


  2. I thought I left the frigid temperatures behind when I left Syracuse in another lifetime!! Now we’re getting those single digit temperatures here!! There just ain’t no justice!! LOL!

  3. Same here on Mill Creek. It was neat to see snow sitting on the ice on the water. Beautiful photos.

  4. It is beautiful, and the break from school has given me a chance to play ‘catch up’. But, I’m ready for it to be gone also.

  5. I think the whole US echoes your sentiment that you are ready for winter to leave. We are in the frigid cold today with a minus 27 windchill. I would love to just hunker down inside but I have a few places to go today . Brr. Stay warm, my friend.

  6. Shivery cold and I agree, I’m ready for all of it to go away. 🙂

  7. We are ready for the snow to go too but there is more on the way and single digit temps. Ice forecasted for the weekend. Winter took a long time getting to us but now I think it is here to stay for a bit. I am beginning to get a cranky.. 🙂 That’s a lot of ice!

  8. Sorry to tell you, but we’re supposed to get snow showers again tonight! I have no idea when I will be able to get out. They scraped a pathway down the parking lot, but left about three ft of snow behind every car!

  9. brrr. at least the sun came out!

  10. It’s pretty to look at but I’m glad I don’t have a boat stuck in the ice. Been there, done that! Hope you thaw out soon!

  11. I’m ready, too… but at least the main roads seem to be fine for the most part… I noticed the river ice last evening on our way back.. I don’t remember the last time I saw it like that !

  12. Wow! And the ice is coming off the river here (a month earlier than normal).

  13. We’ve been in the deep freezer up here – zero and below. You know it’s cold when you go outside and it feels warm to you and the temp is 25 degrees. That was yesterday. Today’s much colder and snowing again. But I’m keeping warm snuggling with baby granddaughter. 🙂

  14. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Beautiful shots but I could do without the cold. 😦

  15. Morning! Just wanted to let you know AOL mail not working for me this morning so just popping in on your blog to say HELLO! I’ll keep trying to get through……have a super day……….


  16. Oh it does look pretty in that last shot with the blue sky. We’ve had hardly any snow here this winter (which is fine by me) but bad for us this summer when it turns off hot and dry for days on end.

  17. What a difference a day makes. I’m with you on the length of stay–we got pictures–now go!

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