Sunset, Swan and Supermoon

Saturday evening, Motor Man and I were ready to watch for the rising of the “Supermoon”.  We had read that it should be visible shortly after sunset.

So we went out to take some photos of the sunset, and there was Groom Swan, waiting for bread.

He is always ready to eat. Perhaps we’ve spoiled him.

Shortly after Groom Swan’s dinner, Motor Man and I spotted the Supermoon, rising behind the trees.

I really, really hope you either saw the moon in person (preferably) or, at least, a better picture of it than this.  Photographing the moon is obviously no simple task, even if it is a Supermoon.  I think we’ll stick to sunsets and swans.


9 responses to “Sunset, Swan and Supermoon

  1. I can see a picture of the “super-moon” on the internet….BUT only on your blog can I see a picture of you AND Groom swan AND the sunset!
    Thanks for another great picture!

  2. Take good care of the swan while I’m gone!

  3. The Super Moon was spectacular!

  4. I echo June’s comment. LOVE that handsome groom swan and it always makes me smile to see you feed him. 🙂

  5. Oh Diana, I think it is so cool that the whole world was looking at the SuperMoon Saturday night.
    Love your pictures too!
    And how wonderful it must be to capture those moments overlooking your glorious lake front property. Simply stunning.

  6. We couldn’t see the moon until 5 that morning. Clouds. I think the shot you captured is pretty cool! The Swan is gorgeous. Umm, any pictures of your Fuzz Face 🙂

  7. We couldn’t see the Supermoon in MN. so thanks for the picture of it…and the added bonus of seeing Groom Swan.

  8. what a gorgeous creature he is! obviously, he’s encountered you before. :o)

  9. Chuck and I did see the supermoon Saturday night.

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