Nurse Sundae


You may recall my post about having a tooth pulled while sedated last Friday.  I could write an entire post about all my mumblings while waking up from the anesthesia (as told to me by Motor Man), but I think we’ll just leave those be. Unless he starts a blog of his own, I figure I’m safe.

What I will share is how our kitty became Nurse Sundae for part of the weekend.

Sundae has been somewhat of an independent cat ever since she adopted us. She might get up on the bed early in the morning occasionally – when she’s tired of waiting for her breakfast treat, as I related in this post.  But for the most part, she doesn’t spend much time on our bed.

But, Friday, when we returned home from my surgery, and Motor Man “guided” me into our bedroom,  Sundae immediately sensed that something was different.  Since I was in and out of consciousness, Motor Man had to tell me about it, but she apparently spent the better part of the afternoon lying beside me on the bed.

Saturday morning, I was much better, but still spent most of the morning just lazing around.  I awoke from a nap to this.  

Nurse Sundae was still on duty.

Being a nurse kitty is a tough job with long hours.


18 responses to “Nurse Sundae

  1. So glad you had a “nurse” to take care of you. She did a good job. Sweet picture.

  2. How would we ever recover without our “nurse kitties”!? So glad Nurse Sundae and Motor Man were on duty!

  3. So sweet!
    Our pets, they seem to sense when something is off. My dog acted different, more gentle, when I was sick with pneumonia 1 year and a half ago. When I came home from the hospital (and spent so much time recovering on the sofa) he seemed to want to check on me when he came in.

  4. What a good little nurse! I think it’s so interesting that our pets can “sense” when something is different….

  5. How sweet! Looks like she’s keeping things quiet as you rest. I’m going to the doctor this morning for a badly sprained ankle. Where is T? On my lap as I comment.

  6. What a sweet kitty! My doggies do the same thing. I’ll come home from my root canal Thursday and crash and they’ll stay right with me the whole time.

  7. oh that is just precious! what a great little baby worried about her mommy!

  8. what a sweet story…..somehow they just know and become almost concerned, protective.

    it’s nice to have a soft furry ball to cuddle with when not feeling well. xo

  9. I love Nurse Sundae! So cute … glad you had lots of TLC and hopefully you’re feeling great. Cheers! MJ

  10. I love it! Isn’t it amazing how our beloved animals sense when something is off? Thank you for including the adorable Sundae in your post. 🙂

  11. Sorry to hear about your tooth! Ouch! My son is allergic to cats so we don’t have one but I grew up with them. I just love having a kitty curled up on the bed with me. I’m glad that Sundae (and Motorman) were there to take care of you!

  12. They definitely know … And when I received this as a picture message that day, I knew you were in good hands (paws?)

  13. Sundae is such a sweet nurse. She so wonderful to take such good care of you. Our furbabes never cease to amaze me with knowing when we feel sick or sad and don’t really need to be alone. 🙂

  14. Sweet, wonderful Sundae! I had a cat (the sister to my Cupid) that stayed with my Mom almost the whole time she lived here while I cared for her until she passed. Cats the most amazing animals. I don’t think I could ever be without one.

  15. Marshall stole my comment before I got it written! Sundae is such a pretty kitty.

  16. Very cool how they just know and what’s more they make us feel like real family when they do those things.

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