A Grown-Up Decision

For Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop today, I chose this prompt:

1.) A moment you realized your child was growing up.

When my son, Marshall, was eleven, my mom went to live in a convalescent home. Thankfully, we lived just a few minutes away, so I was able to visit her every night.  Most nights, Marshall went with me.  He got to know most of the staff and many of the residents. He had lots of adopted grandparents!

As his twelfth birthday neared, I asked Marshall how he would like to celebrate.  His birthday celebrations were typically simple backyard cake-and-ice cream parties or maybe pizza with a few of his friends. And I thought this year would probably be the same.

But for this birthday, Marshall surprised me with quite a grown-up request.

He asked to celebrate it at the convalescent home. And, other than immediate family,  he only wanted to invite the friends he had made there at the home.

But the most important reason for this decision? So his Goggie could be there for his birthday.

I love the love in this picture.

 Mama’s Losin’ It

27 responses to “A Grown-Up Decision

  1. Even though Marshall was young when his Goggie was in the nursing home, he showed at that young age what a fine man he would grow up to be.
    It’s a wonderful thing to have children you can be proud of!!

  2. Your mother looks very happy and so does the birthday boy. Great photo!

  3. Oh this is adorable! So very touching. They share quite a resemblance and smile 🙂 Lovely post and a wonderful son you have.

  4. How sweet! I love the picture, too! I love the way his arms are protective around his grandmother!

  5. What an amazing young man you have raised! This was a fabulous story!

  6. Marshall is special in every way but none more than on his 12th birthday. What a precious story. Love you Marshall!

  7. This post just warmed my heart and such a testament to you as his mother! Good job raising up such a thoughtful, caring boy/man.

  8. Oooh….that is just great…makes my heart hurt a little bit…if you know what I mean! Just awesome!

  9. I read this on my blackberry this morning, bleary eyed…before I even got out of bed (I know, probably TMI)…but I was excited to see that you’d chosen the same prompt! I have a son who’s got a heart like that – he spent a summer with his grandparents in Oregon when he was 15! Working with his grandpa in a lumber mill! I’ve alwasy cherished the kindness and sensitivity in my boy ~ sounds like we’ve got that in common!

  10. oh, major high marks for young Marshall! 🙂

  11. Great story, Dianne! I probably should have not read this post at work since I’m tearing up a bit!! 🙂

  12. It sounds like you have quite the boy (young man)!

  13. That made me tear up. And the picture does just ooze happiness and love. Isn’t it great when our children do the unexptected?

  14. Wow. Kids never cease to amaze me with their lack of age and abundance of maturity! What a neat memory for you as a mom 🙂

  15. What an exceptional young man to love his grammie so dearly! You must be the proudest mama on the block. 🙂

  16. That is so sweet. I can’t imagine how happy that must’ve made your mom.

  17. The convalescent center ( and quite a few people there) had become so familiar to me by that point that it just seemed like the natural choice… My family and extended family were there! Love you, too, Doris!

  18. That’s a greatl story, Dianna. Marshall is a wonderful young man with a good heart.

  19. Very thoughtful of your son, especially since convalescent homes can be a depressing place to visit. The old people really enjoy seeing a young person.

  20. Excellent………………..excellent……..So impressed by Marshall!!!!!!

  21. This melts my heart and gives me faith in young people. And I’m sure the old folks loved it!!!

  22. A very mature decision for a twelve year old (and so sweet)! I always look forward to reading Marshall’s comments – they’ve become a part of your blog.

  23. what a wonderful and heartfelt thing he did .. and you must be so proud. Loved the photo and their beaming smiles .. and just the way the photo in the post lined up nearly parallel to his adult smile. Precious.


  24. what a beautiful memory!!! the photo’s not so bad either!!!

  25. What a wonderful story, Dianna…and a great son.

  26. To show such compassion as a young man… he must’ve been raised right. 🙂

  27. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a love filled picture that you and Marshall will have forever.

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