The Covered Bridge At Philippi

While we were in a West Virginia gift shop last weekend, Bev noticed a postcard for the Covered Bridge at Philippi.  We did some research (thank you, Mapquest) and discovered that Philippi was only about 30 miles from the hotel where we were staying.

So Sunday morning, in the fog (more about that tomorrow), we headed to Philippi, and there it was!

Since Motor Man was the front seat passenger, he took pictures as we drove across/through the bridge.

We learned that the Philippi covered bridge was built in 1852 and was used by both armies during the Civil War. AND it’s the only two-lane covered bridge in the federal highway system.

Although I was excited to see the bridge, I was also thrilled at the view that morning of the Tygart Valley River in the early morning fog.

While the others were checking out the covered bridge, I was busy taking pictures of the river below it.

Discovering this beautiful old bridge was a pleasant surprise. And seeing it on a morning such as this just added to its charm.

19 responses to “The Covered Bridge At Philippi

  1. I love covered bridges (as you know!) – but had never seen a two lane one before. Looks very well maintained and love the view in the fog – it just adds something special to the “mood”. Great photos!!

  2. There’s something ominous about covered bridges, they always feel a bit threatening to me. I’m quite a bit like you on the draw to the river. The fog haze above it makes it look so mysterious and secretive. 🙂

  3. What a quiet and lovely place. Great picture of just the bridge with no other cars.

  4. I had no idea a two lane covered bridges even existed. Looked like a long one too and looked like a real pretty area – fog and all.
    What a road trip…can’t wait to see more!
    p.s. The wood beams in that thing are impressive!

  5. Beautiful pictures Dianna! The pictures of the river with the fog have such an ethereal feel or look about them. Fog makes for such great pictures. Inside shot of the bridge is awesome! What a great trip you had!

  6. I’ve always been fascinated by covered bridges…probably because there’s none locally. I think that is one of the longest ones I’ve ever seen! Love the fog on the river.

  7. I haven’t been to Philippi since I was a child. It looks like they’re taking good care of the bridge. We took one of our granddaughters to see a covered bridge near where we grew up. They are preserving it, but had built a new bridge and had the covered bridge sitting in a parking lot!

  8. love the arches inside that bridge. 🙂

  9. Covered bridges are great, but I had never seen a two lane one, either .. very cool! And that view! – what a bonus!

  10. The inside structure of the bridge was amazing! Cool pictures of the fog too!

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I only remember seeing covered bridges in pictures or TV. It has to be a wonderful thing to see in real life. The pictures of bridge and water are great!

  12. I loved the covered bridges we discovered this summer when we were away – definitely could become a “thing” of mine! The fog on the water is mystical.
    Beautiful discovery, beautiful shots!

  13. This entire post feeds my creativity. From the title, to the bridge, fog, river, and colored leaves, I can imagine an entire novel. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. These photos are all very beautiful, Dianna! Covered bridges are pretty rare around here and I don’t think I’ve heard of a 2-lane bridge. The fog really is pretty too. I love the way fog changes the look and feel of everything, but I’m not too fond of driving in it!

  15. Some great shots. They inspire me. I’m off tomorrow to visit my son in NY and I was dreading the weather. Now I’m looking forward to it and hoping for some fog, too! Thanks.

  16. Gorgeous pictures, Dianna. I love the covered bridge, the foggy shots. You have a way with the camera!

  17. I love covered bridges…Something so romantic about them don’t ya think? Your pictures of the river and fog are gorgeous. Sounds like you had a fantastic trip!

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