A Little Girl, A Pup And Wishes

Recently, a relative loaned me several boxes of old family photos to scan. What a treasure trove! There were pictures there I’d never seen before. And thankfully, most of them had names written on the back.

One of them I thought was especially sweet, and I didn’t need to look for the name on the back of this picture. This little girl has been part of my life for quite awhile.

This is my niece, Donna. The dog, named Frances, belonged to our aunt and uncle, and the photo was taken at their house.  After studying the picture for awhile, I noticed a couple of things that weren’t apparent right away. The handle of the leash is barely visible in Donna’s left hand. I can imagine her walking Frances around the yard, and deciding that this tree stump would be a good place to stop.

With her right hand (blurred in motion), she’s obviously telling Frances to “stay”.  And Frances appears to be obeying her wishes.

And speaking of wishes….

Happy Birthday, Donna.

21 responses to “A Little Girl, A Pup And Wishes

  1. That is a darling photo! You’re right .. what a treasure.

    And Frances is such a dignified name for that wee doggie 🙂 MJ

  2. How nice. We rarely see little girls in dresses anymore. Just precious!

  3. What a darling photo and I do believe Donna is lecturing Frances on the finer points of taking a walk OR as you said just teaching Frances to “stay”……SO cute!!


  4. The tree stump almost brings Frances to eye level. There is definitely a little conversation going on there. Adorable photo.

  5. What I find! I have several long-term-ongoing-scrapbook projects going on with my old family black and whites! LOVE it! … and clever way to ‘sneak’ in a special happy birthday!

  6. Sweet! Those old pictures just take us back to a special place. I do think there was a lesson going on there!

  7. What a sweet picture.

  8. The joy of seeing old photos and reminiscing.

  9. I got her to wear dresses for a while…but it wasn’t long before she had to have pants to wear!! But she and Barbara, for a long time, had a new dress to wear to church every Sun. I really loved making those little dresses.
    Happy Birthday, Donna.

  10. Great picture!! Happy Birthday, Donna!! Love you, looking forward to y’all’s next trip !!

  11. Lovely sentiment for a birthday wish!

  12. What a great birthday wish! Thanks for the idea, Dianna. I need to borrow some photos and scan them.

  13. Precious photo, Donna is so cute and that Frances what a good dog.
    Happy Birthday wishes to Donna! 🙂

  14. How sweet! And hope that pup is still doing well… (yes, in my head animals never die).

  15. That is a sweet photo! Hope your niece has a wonderful birthday!

  16. Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes !
    I don’t remember ever seeing this photo before. Unfortunately I don’t remember Francis…I wish I did because it appears we were very good friends. But I do remember having lots of new clothes made by my Mom and I even remember being allowed to pick out some of the fabrics, which was always fun.
    Miss you too Marshall !

  17. So cute!! I thought maybe she was teaching the dog a new trick. And aren’t you lucky the pictures have names written on the back!! I need to go through mine and write what I know.

  18. Cute pic of dog and child. It is fun to find old pictures. This one is sweet.

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