Sundae At Play

Our bedroom has a loft, which I use as my (rubber) stamping “studio”. My computer and scanner are also there, as well as my sewing machine.

I have an old quilt hanging on a section of the bannister right beside the steps to the loft. And Sundae has deemed that area her current playground. Anyone walking up the steps is suddenly subject to a game of hide-n-seek.

Sundae sometimes gets carried away with this new play area.

REALLY carried away.

 This next picture is Marshall’s favorite. He says she appears to be “nothing but head and paws”.

And this one is my favorite. I call it “cattitude”. Sundae doesn’t care too much for that title. She believes our readers can come up with a suggestion that’s more to her liking.

(I’ll be sure to share your comments with her for her approval.)

23 responses to “Sundae At Play

  1. Hmm….well, first of all, Sundae looks like she’s having some fun in her new playground – she’s such a beautiful cat! I’d say “cattitude” fits that last photo purrfectly (so does Sam).

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. What a great play area!

    The head & paws shot could be called, “Overestimation” 🙂

    Cheers!! MJ

  3. Sundae is so fun to watch in your photos! She reminds me of BJ when she was ‘vacationing’ with you and you sent me a picture of her playing around that same area! It really attracts our kitties!

  4. As the kids scritched Zena, our guest lab, over the holidays…goodness, it was funny…she looked like she was running in place laying down sideways. They sure can become become active in the most sedentary ways. I love all these clear, sharp photos. What a beautiful calico coat Sundae has.
    You can tell her the rest…but the part about the beautiful coat might give her a big head and I would hate to see her not get her head through those rails.

  5. Sundae is a comedian, star and a furry beauty. What better way to spend the day. She can’t wait until the royalties start rolling in.

  6. I like Marshall’s choice…it is kind of a freaky shot of Sundae….sort of Alice in Wonderland-ish.

  7. Diane, she is so cute!! Those are all great pics, especially the one that Marshall likes best!

  8. Wasss up? Talk to the paw!

  9. she is such a mess! don’t get stuck, little girl!

  10. Great pictures of beautiful Sundae. She is indeed playful. Marshall’s favorite is my favorite. So cute. Looks like she is ready to pounce.

  11. Sundae definitely has “catitude!” She’s way too cute, and I’m sure she knows it. 😉

  12. These are adorable! Does Sundae pop out and surprise you? Cause I’m pretty sure that would scare me!!! Fun combo of action and “posed” shots!

  13. The “head & paws” shot reminded me of some sort of toy from years ago, but internet research hasn’t yielded anything up just yet .. Maybe it’s a “Cheshire cat” sort of thing ; just a face and paws?? She was having a blast that morning !!

  14. Sundae always take the cake for me!

  15. I love to watch cats play–and those enlarged pupils! She was really wound up. In the last one, maybe she’s saying, “You may kiss my hand.”

  16. I love these posts about Sundae!! Such a perfect place to play with you. For some reasons, my kittens have started coming to the back porch; last night they slept in the RTV. They’ve grown to be almost as big as their mommy; but I can’t hold them!

  17. She looks like she’s quite enjoying her “spot” by the quilt. Great shots.

  18. lol Sundae is a such a delightful gal. Full of fun and cattitude. Give her a good snuggle for me. Her photos are adorable. 🙂

  19. Cute and adorable … ~~~ : – )

  20. Sundae looks like a sassy cat! I’m jealous of the banister – that looks like fun. Wanna trade it for some great cardboard boxes???

  21. I just want to smooch Sundae’s face! That Fuzz Face was smart to adopt you.

  22. Those pictures are just *priceless*!! Such a face!

  23. Marshalls favorite pic reminds me of the floating head of the cheshire cat in the newest version of Alice in Wonderland…love it! BTW Sundae is beautiful!

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