2011- The Year In Blog Posts

This week, I chose the most complex prompt that Mama Kat offered for her Writer’s Workshop.  So get comfy, folks:  this is gonna be a long one.

1.) This year in blog posts…choose a favorite post from each month of 2011 and share.

January 6 – That Martha – My last remaining aunt passed away on December 31 of last year. This was a post I wrote in memory of her and her sunset funeral.

February 2 – I Do, I Do, 02/02/02 –  Motor Man and I celebrate our anniversary on February 2. This post includes some photos from our wedding day.

March 24 – The Hope Of A Shelter Kitty. We had just been recently adopted by our kitty, Sundae, when I wrote this poem.  I made a donation to the humane society based on the number of comments on this post.

April 19 – I’ve Been Pressed – Having my blog recognized by wordpress.com resulted in many new readers… and friends.

May 13 – Toes.  I wrote this post about the day that my son, Marshall, at four-months old,  discovered his toes.

June 16 – Just Yesterday. Celebrating Marshall’s birthday.

July 21 – “L” As In Yellow – This post was one of my favorites because the photo was perfect for the story.

August 4 – Saving The Day – A favorite post because it’s about my two favorite guys.

September 22 – Where I’m From – This post took some thought, and is one of my all-time favorites.

October 31 – Halloween Haunts –  Bacon’s Castle is a special old house to  my family. It was featured in a PBS video a couple of years ago, and Marshall had a role in the video.

November 27 – Quick! Detour To The Park – You knew I’d have to have at least one sunrise/sunset post in this collection.

December 17 – Moonrise-Moonset – This is my favorite post for this month, because I shared my first (semi-successful) attempt at night-time photography.

And there you have it: my favorite posts from 2011.  So tell me: which of these was YOUR favorite?

Mama’s Losin’ It

27 responses to “2011- The Year In Blog Posts

  1. Picking a favorite? Impossible…..I love all your blog posts as they each touch something in me in a different way. “Toes” was adorable….but I also love your wedding blog and ALL the rest! Don’t make me choose – it’s not nice to ask for the impossible….. 🙂


  2. I agree – no way to pick a favorite! You have been such an inspiration to me this year (or part of it that I have been following you!). Thank you for the thought you put into your writing, your wonderful photography, and your willingness to share all of that with us!

  3. I’m sure it took some time to choose and prepare all the links. I have to agree with Pam and Linda who have already commented. Thank you for all the time you take in preparing all these dailies.

  4. I chose the same prompt and found it harder than I thought it would be! I will come back and finish reading all your faves but wanted to let you know kitties are my favorite too! I’ll be back!

  5. Choose ONE favorite? Impossible! Thanks for sharing your faves of the year. Some of them I hadn’t read before.

  6. Feel free to link up to my 2011 Year-in-Review party here: http://theterpblog.blogspot.com/2011/12/2011-looking-back.html


  7. I loved the lellow post. The picture of the bride with her shoes off is priceless. But then again all your posts are so inspirational. You are the best. Thanks for entertaining us this past year. Love you.

  8. This was so cool – I find that I remembered most all of them! I wasn’t blogging in January, so…today… I loved the one about your aunt. Very sensitive tribute. And so amazing that you have that iris…such a connection to your mom and your aunt. Always love my visits!

  9. What an amazing set of posts! I love your pictures!

  10. I am smiling from ear to ear. I am reminded of something that was stuck in the back of my mommy brain, my son Matthew used to say couldn’t say yellow and used to lay l-elllow too!

    Thanks for jogging my brain and for sharing your year of posts.

  11. I love this idea…thanks for sharing your favs!

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  13. i went back and read your That Martha post as I believe i remember all the others. that was so sweet. made me tear up – the iris especially hit my heart. 🙂

  14. I was hoping maybe you wouldn’t ask me to pick a favorite 😉 There are great examples here of all the topics you write about. But .. : I love the Detour to the Park sunset !!

  15. Really looking forward to reading all of these; we first “met” after you were “pressed.” As I said the day after, “I’ll be back for more.” Thanks for always providing so much to come back to.


  16. You have had some great posts on here. I love them all.

  17. Favorite was “I’ve been pressed!” But I enjoy them every morning

  18. Inspiring and beautiful – especially the Halloween Haunts. And uplifting, which is the exact reason I’ve bestowed the ‘Candle Lighter’ award to you. Enjoy.

  19. Thanks for sharing! I agree it is so hard to pick favorites!! That is such an awesome picture of all of you though, You look so pretty!!

  20. I especially liked the adoption of Sundae; and I love the days when she posts. 😉 And, the 02/02/02 post was wonderful.

  21. i still have 3 to read but i really loved them all. why do we have to pick a favorite??

  22. This is a neat post, Dianna. I haven’t read all of the posts you listed and since it’s waaay past my bedtime, I’ll have to read them another time.
    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy New Year!

  23. I like them ALL! Maybe a nudge to That Martha(very touching) and Toes. And Lellow and….
    Beautiul post~I think you should be Freshly Pressed again.

  24. I never read “L” as in Yellow before and loved it. My #2 son had the same problem with Lellow and we still sometimes pronounce it that way. He also had a problem with his favorite color…Greem!

  25. My aunt also passed away this year. I’m new here but would love to read back to your old posts. Meanwhile, Happy New Year!

  26. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    All your blogs are wonderful. Ejnoy each and everyone of them. Keep up the good work!

  27. These are all great posts, Dianna, hard to pick a favorite. That Martha was a very sweet post, but you followed it with your wedding–hard to top that.

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