Friday’s Fences – And Horses

What is it about the combination of horses and fences that makes for such interesting photos?

Earlier this week, Motor Man and I were driving home and passed by these beauties. It just happened to be during the evening’s “golden hour”, which always adds an extra touch.

These horses belong to my cousin, Betty. We see them in the pasture whenever we pass by, but they’re not normally this close to the road. (You can’t call this a highway: it’s a little country road with a speed limit of 45.)

Motor Man pulled over, of course, so I could take pictures.

I’m sure if Cousin Betty knew we were at the end of her lane, she would have come out to say hay hey.

But her horses and I had a nice little visit. Then Motor Man and I were on our way.

Bye! Tell Cousin Betty we said hello!

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25 responses to “Friday’s Fences – And Horses

  1. Beautiful! Love that first one! That has always been such a unique pasture shape on that property. 🙂

  2. These are lovely horses – look very friendly too.
    I love to see a white picket fence and green grass.

  3. Those horses are beauties alright….so is the fence and pasture….no wonder you got such lovely photos – the subject matter is PERFECT!

    Pam and Sam

  4. I agree – horses plus fences are just so appealing! I think for me it is partially because I always wanted a horse and never got to have one…that secret, childhood yearning! These are some very pretty photos…and I love that wavy shadow in the next-to-last one!

  5. Dianna you could RIDE at Cousin Betty’s place! She has a lovely fence and very pretty horses. Good Morning to you!

  6. Those are some real beauties! I love that last shot…the perspective is wonderful and the shadows are an added bonus.

  7. You’re right there is something about fences and horses. To see such a lovely fence, one knows the horses are certainly looked after. They seem to be feeling very friendlly.

  8. what a great few shots. horses are such beautiful creatures. (:

  9. Love the country! How lucky you are to live in such beautiful surroundings! ~ Sheila

  10. Beautiful patures ~ so nice and green! Waiting for that green still up here. The horses are gorgeous! It was so nice of them to visit with you!

  11. This is where I found our sweet Lizzy and she stayed for awhile. I love the new fences!

  12. love that 2nd to last photo – the long fence line; the shadow; gorgeous horse. 🙂

  13. RE: Sweetdaysunderthe oaks….I can NOT begin to imagine my baby sis on a horse!!! Feeling adventurous, Dianne!?? Beautiful pictures as always.

  14. # 4 is my favorite here ..
    The pose is great,
    The lantern is nice,
    & the green field with the wavy fence shadows is cool !

  15. Horse and fences are a very nice combination…I always want to reach out and pet them.

  16. Friendly fellows behind those fences. What a great sight. I love watching horses running and enjoying life through a pasture. Reminds me of the horses my sister and bro-in-law used to own. Your nice photos bring back fond memories. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  17. Beautiful shots of some beautiful horses…I love seeing the green pastures and white fence….how I am longing for spring to get here…today is rain again and wind…our ground is getting saturated….seeing these pictures today brightened my mood:)

  18. Beautiful horses, and the perfect horse fence! Reminds me of Va and Md! I love the shadow photo!

  19. I’m not sure whether I like the fence or horses better. I think they work very well together.

  20. Horses and fences are so heartening and just make me feel happy. Your photos are grand. Thanks for sharing these beauties. 🙂

  21. Beautiful horses. Oh, was there a fence in the picture? lol

  22. Yes, I would have loved a visit but I am sure the horses appreciated all the attention. You could not have known this but they were hoping for a bite of carrott. They are spoiled!! The Stallions stay in the barn except when LD is home. They are something to watch when they get outside to run free. Their pasture is closer to the house. Stop by anytime, they love human attention. I am not sure they realize they are different. Mama always enjoyed having them on the farm. But she never liked to watch me ride. Afraid I would get hurt. Miss my Mom!!

  23. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Beautiful horses and pictures. I have to agree with Marshall about the 4th picture, very nice.

  24. There’s nothing more lovely than a horse. They command our attention don’t they?

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