The Marina

You’re most likely very familiar with our view of the marina, since it’s visible in almost every sunrise picture that I post.

But I do have photos of it that weren’t taken at sunrise, and some of them are rather interesting.

This was taken on a stormy afternoon in March.

Another one from March, during sunset’s golden hour.

This photo of the moon rising over the marina was taken in December of 2008.

A picture from a foggy morning in November of last year, when the sun was shining brightly on the boats.

And perhaps the most dramatic photo I’ve ever taken of the marina. This was October of 2010, and this is SOOC (straight out of the camera).

As Motor Man says, the view is constantly changing. And many times, that view is camera-worthy.


25 responses to “The Marina

  1. I thought the Moon shot was my favorite till we got to the last one – wow! Positively breathtaking 🙂 You sure do have a pretty view!


  2. Beautiful….especially that last shot which truly IS very dramatic and most interesting the way the light is shining just along the line of boats. Your views are always “camera-worthy”……truly.

    Pam (and Sam)

  3. Five very different views. Very interesting light show.

  4. That view is certainly a gorgeous one – and that last shot is magical! I love it…

  5. All of them beautiful Dianna but last picture is stunning! You have such a beautiful place to snap your camera, you never have to leave home!

  6. These are terrific! I really enjoy seeing it in all times of day and all types of weather. The moon and the last one are my favorites!

  7. It’s definitely worth keeping your camera handy….they’re all beautiful.

  8. Oh love that foggy sun shot and the last with the brilliant golden light!

  9. all are beautiful!

  10. Fascinating to see the different views of the same area. I love the stormy photo – it’s so dramatic!

  11. I love the pictures! Amazing! I do love that we get to see the weather changes in a unique way living on the water. We’re lucky girls!

  12. I’d say most are camera-worthy! The moon and the last one here are my faves ……

  13. Excellent captures … the one with the moon is great. I think the last one could be made into a beautiul painting.
    Very nice …!!!!

  14. You live in a great place for photo ops, Dianna. Love all these captures, the pic with the moon is my favorite! Beautiful!

  15. You should be given an award for that last shot! So very unusual – I just love it!

  16. What a treat to see these over time, different seasons and times of day! I love that we can continue to be drawn to and fascinated by the same scene as it changes with the days and seasons. So, so beautiful!

  17. itsallaboutpurple

    WoW, they are all gorgeous, but that last image is stunning!! love that glow!!

  18. Oooh your photos are just stunning!… how I wish I had views like yours… xoxo Julie Marie

  19. These are perfect! What a difference the light, cloud cover, etc. make from photo to photo. Always something worth looking at out there!

  20. I have to say “amen!” to all these complimentary comments. Enjoyed every one of the marina pics, but the last one is an award-winner for sure! =)

  21. You do get some wonderful views of the sky and water there! Lovely!

  22. You are very blessed to have such a view…

  23. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    All are breath taking.

  24. I love the way the light falls on the boats in the last shot…almost like a special effect! All your views are charming! ~ Sheila

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