Friday’s Fences – OBX

Motor Man and I spent most of last weekend in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Or is it ON the Outer Banks? Or AT the Outer Banks? Things were much simpler when it was simply referred to as Nag’s Head.

It definitely wasn’t beach weather – it was cool, mostly cloudy and breezy.

But we stopped at one of the beach access parking lots (empty, for the most part, this time of year), and briefly walked out on the dunes.

There’s just something about sand fences that I find so beautiful, even on cool, cloudy, breezy days.

Even when we were back in the car, driving down the beach road, I was still taking pictures.

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29 responses to “Friday’s Fences – OBX

  1. I love sand fences too! The water looked very pretty for your visit – even if it was too cool to get in the water! BTW, were you able to link up to Friday’s Fences? I got a message that it contained a possible virus and Google would not let me proceed.

  2. Just beautiful! Love beach shots…especially with fences and pretty blue water involved!

    Pam (and Sam)

  3. Now that’s a beach to love. Simple and beautiful – just the way it should be.

  4. Beautiful! I agree that dunes with fences are so picturesque. I must get down there this year. Always such a fun and relaxing time!

  5. magicalmysticalteacher

    Sand fences remind me of the snow fences in Kansas, where I grew up.

    Raven Has One Wish

  6. i always wonder if those fences work … they always look like they are laying over. makes you think? ha. ha!! (:

  7. Perfect fences Dianna because the ocean is behind them! 😀

  8. Your beautiful pictures are my beach joy! It’s been so long since I’ve been to OBX. It’s even better during off season!

  9. Beautiful scenes! The water looks so blue, love the waves rolling in.

  10. These are sort of lonely looking shots.

  11. Those bring me back to summer vacations as a kid! Those fences along the dunes…these are such a pretty collection of shots! (oh, and there’s also nothing quite like a deserted beach!)

  12. they look quaint.

  13. You got some great photos! I’m heading down there today. Hopefully it will be warm enough to sit on that beach this week!

  14. I love empty beaches. They are like first snow – unmarred by humankind. Ooooh, I’m getting poetic, but it’s because of your great photos. Nags Head is a favorite vacation spot for many of my friends in this area of Virginia. They rent the same house year after year. I have been there a few times and love it too. Thanks for sharing! Now I’m ready to go to the beach again.

  15. That beach looks lovely. the sea looks great even if it was cold. I bet you enjoyed your walk.

  16. Great shots! It really is beautiful, and it’s not a scene I see here in the middle of the country.

  17. You’d never guess it was chilly & breezy from these … except that the beach is empty .. but that is cool in its own way!

  18. Those sand fences really serve a good purpose! Very nice beach scenes!

  19. Really enjoyed your beautiful scenes this morning! My brother and his wife are headed to their NC beach house tomorrow, for him to spend some time recovering from major surgery. I know just being there in such a special place will be good medicine for him(!)

    By the way, I re-loaded the picture you couldn’t see on my blog, in case you have time to take another look. Hope you and Motor Man have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  20. The sand fences are great! We always enjoyed going down there. I went with Mom and Dad once in the off-season. It’s nice just being able to listen to the surf…and relax!

  21. I agree that there’s something so intriguing about sand fences. Of course, I’m a sucker for anything at the beach! I love the beach when it’s not populated by scads of people, to me it’s the best time to be there. We haven’t been to OBX for several years so thanks for the little trip there via your pictures.

  22. i agree, i love the fences in the sand…this is something we don’t have on so cal beaches (where i’m from) and i remember seeing them in movies and always thinking how cool they look and now i get to see them in person! we spent last weekend in va beach, (or is it on or at? lol) and it was really cold…at least you had nice blue skies!

  23. My favorite kind of fence!

  24. Pembrokeshire Lass

    What lovely pictures. Our sea fences here in Wales seem much more substantial than the ones you’ve shown. Do yours have to be replaced often? Joan

  25. Just beautiful Dianna! I needed a “beach fix” this morning 🙂

  26. Beautiful! I love the beach and this series brings back lots of memories from when I lived in Raleigh. We visited “Nags Head” often.

  27. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Chuck and I are vacationing down there week after next. We can not
    wait. Your pictures just make us want to leave now!

  28. I love the beach scenes, and the fence is perfect! Makes me want to visit! ~ Sheila

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