To The Top!

A few years ago, I discovered Thumburgia, also known as “Black-eyed Susan vine”.  Back in April, I shared this photo, with a comment that it had a lot of growing to do to reach the top of that trellis.

This was taken toward the end of July.

And this was taken yesterday.

To the top, you say?  NO problem.


19 responses to “To The Top!

  1. Oh my! I simply have to have one of these! And the trellis too – what a gorgeous piece it is! Your plants are so happy where they are…but I am sure you put in plenty of time caring for them!

  2. Wow! Wish I had your green thumb!

  3. That is beautiful Dianna! I have never seen one before, but I love Black-eyed Susans – so I’m with Linda…next season I’ll be on the lookout for one too:) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh I just LOVE this! Beautiful vine and trellis and boy does it obviously love life on your deck! I don’t think I’ve seen this at my nursery but it’s really a perfect plant for a “wall covering” !


  5. Never under-estimate a plant. Guess that Black Eyed Susan showed you what it could do. Of course, with a lot of watering and pampering by YOU!!!

  6. Thumbergia is responding to your green thumb! You amaze me with the myriad of stories in your own backyard.

  7. Oh my! What a beauty. You certainly do have a green thumb.

  8. Wow! So pretty! I may have to try one next year.

  9. And where is it supposed to go from here? I can see the sprouts searching for more things to climb!!
    Reminds me of the scarlet runner beans an aunt grew – she sent me photos of the tendrils working their way through the screen of the upstairs bedroom window…

  10. “Susan” looks very happy! I too may have to try one of those next year, I have just the spot for one. It’s where my Holly Hocks are becoming…a bit of a sidewalk hazard. 🙂

  11. oh, that is beautiful! it likes living at your place!

  12. That’s a black eyed Susan for ya! To the top!!

  13. Very pretty! Loved seeing something in bloom! 🙂

  14. .. to the top of the … ? … chimney … ?… here we go !!

  15. Very pretty! It’s growing tall in order to see those gorgeous sunset better!

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a gorgeous plant!!. There’s no stopping it it loves its location.
    Great job Dianna.

  17. It has really done well! If my garden plants were half as prolific as the weeds, I’d be tickled pink.

  18. I have never heard of thumbergia. It is an amazing grower. Does it have to have a lot of sun? Does it come back every year? It might just the thing for our little patio.

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