Feeding The Stock

My sister, June, who’s a few years’ older than I am, remembers visiting our grandparents and hearing our aunts and uncles, who owned nearby farms, saying they had to go home to “feed the stock”.

She remembers wondering what “stock” was.

Now, I laugh and tell her that I’m feeding the stock at our house. We’ve been feeding the swans for a long time, but recently, we’ve added some other breakfast, lunch and dinner guests.

A month or so ago, I began feeding corn to a few ducks.

I even sprang for fine china for them, so they wouldn’t have to eat off the ground.

Apparently, word spread quickly among the duck community.

And I had to increase their number of place settings.

Sometimes they have a dinner guest.

Hmm. I wonder if they ever get the feeling that they’re being watched?

19 responses to “Feeding The Stock

  1. I laugh every time you tell me you’re ‘feeding the stock’. Of course, you only have feathered stock…not the larger 4-legged ‘stock’! LOL!
    With her ears laid back, Sundae looks as if she’s thinking…DINNER! If only she could get to them!

  2. You’ve got a LOT of stock to feed! Sundae gets some wonderful views of all the stock visiting at feeding time from INSIDE the house. No doubt the stock is glad she’s IN while they’re OUT!

    Pam and Sam

  3. Love that close up of Groom Swan! Lot’s of fun at your house. Sundae is just darling as she watches them all!

  4. itsallaboutpurple

    haha, he told two friends and they told two friends!! sometimes i think it was cheaper to put 2 kids through college!!

  5. Very charming stock! I couldn’t help but notice your goose population is quite low, but love the ducks and swans nonetheless…

  6. After two weeks with my mother in law…I can tell you that feeding the wild life yields great rewards…bunnies, birds of all sorts, dozens of chipmunks….even the occasional 3 point buck (or big deer, as I would call him)…It was so fun to be there and watch the wild life! And to watch their cat watch the wild life…from the window!

  7. Cute! You’ve got “chores”!!
    I love how Groom Swan towers over them! Hahaha..he’s like a draft horse bird compared to the rest of the ‘stock’ or flock or whatever! 😉

  8. just too cute! i love to watch our ducks come up to feed under the birdfeeders.

  9. This is a priceless story! 🙂 Loved it! The view of Sundae longingly looking out the window clinched the ending.

  10. Sundae, how do you manage to stay calm in front of so many noms?

  11. Di and June, you should remember, our relatives had to be home before dark, in order to see how to feed the livestock, milk the cow, gather the eggs and feed the chickens. If Grandma and Granddaddy came for a visit (they knew they should leave at a certain time , as this was their only way to make a living for the family.) and they must leave for home in order to get this done!!!!!!! All of this took place, before the family could eat…….(and Grandma’s cooking was the best!!!!)

  12. I think of “Wild Kingdom” !!! But I’d bet Sundae’s thinking ” BUFFET”…… too bad there’s no chickens out there 😉

  13. Loved this! The ducks have the same “china” my barn kitties have.

  14. If Sundae could get outside, she’d have a different idea about what to do for dinner! 😀

  15. Sundae seems quite intent on watching the backyard dinner party. I think they put up a sign announcing the new diner.

  16. I can tell by the position of Sundae’s ears what she’s thinking! Cute post and great photos!

  17. This is a great post! I guess when it comes to food, birds of different feathers are willing to flock together! I too love the picture of Groom Swan joining the party:) Poor Sundae…what torture 😉

  18. You lucky duck, having the water and nature in your back yard!

  19. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    You may need a bigger feeding area if they keep bring “guests”.

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