Bovine Barn Charm

Today’s barn is another one from our trip to Scottsville, Va. a few weeks ago.

This was our first glimpse. I can just imagine hearing the rain on that old tin roof.


Look! They have cows!

barn and cows

This one is definitely still earning its keep.


(As evidenced by the blurred fence posts, these were “drive-by shootings”.)

Linking up to Barn Charm.


21 responses to “Bovine Barn Charm

  1. Drive-by barn shootings….now that is a new one! LOL Love it!

  2. When I go out I never see barns, I am going to take my camera next time 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  3. I can’t pass by a barn without thinking of you. I swear I nearly pulled over in traffic the other day when going to a meeting in Hickory.

  4. Yep that one definitely is still “serving its purpose” isn’t it……it may be old but it’s still proudly standing!


  5. I love the tin roofs. I remember being sung to sleep a many a night in my youth by the rain falling on our home’s tin roof.
    Neat barn charm. It’s good to see a barn still being used. Great photos for a moving vehicle, you must have a real steady hand. 🙂

  6. love all those cute little cows!!

  7. WE were also ‘lullabied’ by rain on a tin roof when we were growing up!
    Amazingly clear and sharp photos for drive-by shooting!

  8. Still in use, a great drive by shot

  9. another great shot by you, Dianna. Virginia is the place to find nice barns, I find.

  10. I love a barn shot with cows almost as much as one with horses.. 🙂 Very charming Dianna! Lovely ruralness there!

  11. looks like it could be in texas. 🙂

  12. I always love your barn shots :-). I have a whole series of blurry pics taken from the back of a motorcycle that I call “shots at 60 mph.”

  13. It’s always a happy feeling to see a working barn with real live cows nearby! Great catch. 🙂

  14. Bucolic Bovine Barn Charm … I like it !

  15. Proving once again that things (and people!) can be weathered and still be useful and have purpose! Impressive drive by shooting! ~ Sheila

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Great barn post. love the play on words!!

  17. Those are great drive-by shots. I love the cows!

  18. Lovely drive-by shots! Cows around a barn always make it look just a little better.

  19. I’m impressed you could post drive-by shots!

  20. i love seeing a working farm/barn, they’re becoming more rare every year.
    thanks so much for joining =)

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