How’s The Weather Up There?

It isn’t unusual for us to spot an occasional great blue heron along the water’s edge near our home. But back during the summer, I saw something rather unusual one evening as I was outside taking pictures of this gorgeous sunset.

sunset 7-14-2013 8-27-52 PM

Hearing a strange noise, I glanced up in a tree and spotted this.

heron1 7-14-2013 8-26-49 PM

It’s difficult to describe the sound made by a heron. “Screeching” would probably be a good word.

heron2 7-14-2013 8-27-36 PM

To give you an idea of just how high up he was, here’s a picture showing the tree beside our neighbors’ (three-story) house.

heron last 7-14-2013 8-27-07 PM

Lightning struck the tree a couple of years ago, so that’s why there was no foliage. We’ve since had it removed. We were sorry to lose it, but I was glad to have the opportunity to see this heron on its lofty perch.


14 responses to “How’s The Weather Up There?

  1. What a gorgeous sunset that was…..and what a beautiful shot of the heron on that treetop. We frequently see hawks perched on dead branches of the tall old oaks around here – I think they know they look VERY photogenic on those bare branches! Smart birds….


  2. Look at him at the very tip top. Could he stand any higher?

  3. We have a few of them around our fish ponds. My son and I used to refer to them as terradactyls as their wing span in flight made them appear prehistoric. Great shots.

  4. We have them at our pond sometimes. I’m not a fan….a couple of years ago, they ate 8 of the 12 ducklings that had hatched. Rather see them in the air or on a high perch than on our pond. But I guess this one thinks he’s ‘king of the treetops’!

  5. Great shot!

  6. For such a large bird, it’s kind of strange to see him up so high. Perhaps he does think he’s king of the area and his screeching is his decree. 😀 Great photos!! As you know, I’m partial to the sunset one.

  7. You get the most astounding shots Dianna! I have seen the majestic blue herons skimming the length of our Buffalo Creek, but I have never seen one sitting still like that. Wonderful!

  8. Love the pictures and story. Nothing like the screech of their call. I love sleeping with my windows open at night and listening to their squawking.

  9. I’ve seen them plenty of times, and heard them a few – screeching is the right word… But… I’ve never seen one perched that high! – excellent shot- and a rare one, too, I think .. 😉

  10. they look so silly way up there. 🙂

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I had no ideal they could fly that high. Shows what I know, Great shots.

  12. Great capture! The branches look so thin, it’s a wonder they support such a large bird.

  13. He truly had a bird’s eye view!

  14. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a heron’s call…you guys have such amazing bird-life! Beautiful images, as always! ~ Sheila

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