Gypsy Update

We’ve learned a few things about Miss Gypsy in the six weeks since we adopted her she adopted us.

She’s a little “ham”.

gypsy on desk -9-27-13 9-27-2013 10-49-19 PM 9-27-2013 10-49-19 PM

She’s computer savvy.

gypsy and computer 10-3-2013 8-58-10 PM

She likes her new scratching post.

gypsy and scratching post 9-17-2013 1-44-01 PM

And her new “Cat’s Meow” toy.

gypsy and cats meow 9-25-2013 1-24-05 PM

We’ve been wondering why her water bowl stays empty, and the carpet around it is always wet. Last week I bought a large (dog’s) water bowl and put her water bowl inside that to help the situation. Yesterday, we found out why this was happening. While she’s drinking, she keeps her right front paw IN the water bowl.

gypsy and water bowl 10-3-2013 10-23-22 AM

Gypsy went to the vet earlier this week for her second distemper shot. She now weighs four pounds, so within the next few weeks, we’ll be making an appointment to have her spayed.

Motor Man and I are NOT looking forward to her having surgery. We’ll be counting the minutes until she’s back in her favorite spot.

gypsy and jr 9-8-2013 3-56-25 PM

20 responses to “Gypsy Update

  1. She’s so darn cute (and obviously so darn happy)…..something tells me JR is pretty happy to donate himself as a “curl up and nap” spot too!!!


  2. I always enjoy seeing pictures of theat cutie, Gypsy! But my very favorite is the one of her in her favorite spot on Motor Man’s chest!!

  3. She’s so cute! She was so lucky to choose you!

  4. She is adorable and clearly has a loving home: lucky Gipsy!

  5. Wonder what’s up with the paw in the water technique? She really is darling! She is growing up!!

  6. What a sweet baby!!

  7. …….And she’s grown SO much!

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Gypsy is one very lucky kitty, She is so cute!. She sure was in the right place at the right time. Keep us posted and say hello to Sundae for us too!

  9. She sure is lucky to have you two. She is beautiful.

  10. She’s something else ! & she sure knew where to end up !

  11. she’s adorable! so glad she’s filling your office full of love.

  12. Well, little Miss Gypsy is the cutest little thing and so very photogenic too. I can tell she’s very loving and she certainly knew the right ‘pawrents’ to pick to get extra doses of love, didn’t she?

  13. What a cutie pie! Whee just want to snuggle her! ^_^

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  14. Gypsy is very very special. I can tell. You were all meant to be together.

  15. Gypsy is lots like Jo-Jo!!
    She is going for her spay at the end of October!
    What a cutiepie!

  16. Oh, gosh, could she be any cuter?! Love!

  17. Such a little cutie! How is Sundae adjusting to having a kitten move in? ~ Sheila

  18. Your kitty is adorable. I remember when my catkid, Teddy, was her size. He is now a svelte 12 pounds. Teddy also has a cat’s meow toy that he loves.

  19. Gypsy is adorable. Our 13 year old cat, all 15 lbs of her, loves to lie on my husband when he is lying down, either on his back or front. She’s very possessive.

  20. What a sweetie! She’s adorable.

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