The Inaugural “These Barns”

(Last week, we learned that the Barn Charm meme was ending.  However, I see no chance that Motor Man and I, during our travels, will stop seeking out barns. So unless/until Barn Charm is reborn, I’ll share photos here on Tuesdays of barns that we find, and will title them “These Barns”.)

During our trip to Martinsville last weekend, we took a few back roads and found some barns, including these two in this pretty setting.


It’s so nice to see homeowners taking pride in their property. I love the charm of three tobacco baskets hanging on the side of the barn.

barn - tobacco baskets

I’m sad to not be linking up to Barn Charm this week, and I’m probably not alone. It was a favorite meme for many bloggers and their readers.


14 responses to “The Inaugural “These Barns”

  1. Oh love the barns……nicely decorated too!


  2. Wonder if the roses in the first picture are a recent addition or if they’ve been there for as long as the barn has! Really added a nice touch of color against the weathered barn!

  3. I agree. I love those “tobacco baskets.” Intentional and decorative displaying pride in their little barn.

  4. Good ones Dianna! Your barns are always charming – even without the meme! 🙂

  5. This barn is wonderful–so much attention. Paint is not the only thing that can improve an old building!

  6. that’s really pretty.

  7. I, for one, always liked seeing the barns on Barn Charm! I think These Barns is a great idea … and a great name !

  8. Somebody is enjoying their barn. There’s a flag up and a chair to sit in. They must have a nice view or maybe just like to see people driving by taking pictures of their barn!

  9. Love the top picture Dianna! The barn framed by the two big trees, the pink flowers and the tobacco baskets. I think I see a white sittin’ chair! That’s where I would be.. 🙂

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a lovely barn. The tobacco baskets are wonderful. What a great touch. Then you have the flag,rose bush and chair. What else do you need. I am happy that you are not giving up your barn blog.

  11. Yeah! I’m glad you’re still going to post barn pictures.

    As usual, today’s pictures are awesome. And, I learned something new–until I read this post, I’d never heard of tobacco baskets.

  12. That should be a good area for finding barns. This one is proof.

  13. Glad you are keeping the barn theme going.

  14. Diane:
    Please continue sharing your lovely photo’s of old barns!! We love them!

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