I’ve been at this blogging “business” for a little over three years now. And for the most part, topics for my daily posts seem to come easily.

Not so this week. This week, I’ve struggled for ideas.

fog 1-13-2014 10-36-057

Maybe it’s writer’s block.

tree on james1 1-5-2014 2-14-006

Perhaps it’s because it’s been a quiet week; I’ve spent much of it at the office, preparing tax information for the CPA.

boats at sunset 12-2-2013 4-27-34 AM

Thankfully, tomorrow is Random Five Friday, and then the weekend. Maybe by next week, I’ll have some interesting things to share.

sunrise 1-22-2014 6-44-31 PM

Because, after all, blogging isn’t supposed to be a chore…

~These Days Of Mine~


25 responses to “Struggling

  1. I think it’s the winter doldrums…..I’ve got them too…..I think a lot of people do – we’re on “hold” waiting for some thawing to come our way…..meanwhile you don’t even have to say a thing on your blog because you always have gorgeous photos to share – that’s good enough for me!!


  2. I used to blog every day but soon it became too much for me .. now I blog when the mood strikes 🙂 Give yourself permission to step away = I promise you’ll come back refreshed and with a list of topics for us all to “discuss!” hugs!

  3. It’s just dreary outside and as you said tax season, too! Take a break…even a week or a month. I take the whole month of June and that makes me feel like a slacker. Not! You want things to be just the right thing and just the right message. I love this memo sticky I got from a co-worker…perhaps you’ve seen it…I laughed out loud when I first saw it…It says “Remember to breathe…”

  4. A picture is worth a thousand words. I think I got my dose for the day. I have a few blogs, but don’t take time to post unless it’s an earth-shaking event. But I do try to post a few photos a day.

  5. I agree if you only post your beautiful pictures, you don’t have to say anything. They’re always so beautiful they speak for themselves. After fighting with tax information, who has the energy to think about anything else!!

  6. Your photos said it all….words optional.

  7. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Sometimes just a picture will do and they are all beautiful today. Thanks.

  8. Photos are great – the words will return when the time it right!!

  9. I think a lot of us are feeling this way. I’m down to about one post a week and not sure it’s interesting.

  10. I’ve taken so many breaks from my blogs over the past few years that sometimes I wonder why I bother going back. You always manage to tell an interesting story or share beautiful photos. Chalk it up to mid-winter blahs…

  11. createdforajourney

    This post could have come from my blog as I am feeling the very same way…I posted on Monday and haven’t found anything interesting to say since…I like you hope the muse shows up today and gives me something to say.
    I am enjoying your blog and getting to know you……

  12. You’ve read my mind! 😉 Seriously, I’m having the same problem. I don’t know if I’m just lacking motivation, it’s the winter doldrums, or I’m just plain boring, but I haven’t had the gumption to blog much. Nevertheless, I’m glad we both can turn to our other love – taking photos. These are just lovely.

  13. you don’t have to try – just share a sunrise or sunset and we’re happy.

  14. I found your amazing blog through TexWisGirl’s blog, and I just love it. Those sunsets are so beautiful, and I know how you feel when it comes to writers block. I write and post a lot on my photo blog too, and It can become a challenge to find new interesting ideas. But exactly and the moment when you think “I have no ideas” new themes start to emerge. Will be following your blog now!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  15. Some pictures don’t need words…

  16. Magnificent photos and I do relate to your thoughts about blogging.
    I believe doing taxes will eat-your-brain even under the best of circumstances.

    You know my ups and downs with blogging. I appreciate your standing beside me through my stops and restarts. You’re a peach.
    I look forward to your random 5 and I hope you can find inspiration for more posts, but if you can’t, then you may want to take a much needed break and relax for awhile. I’ll be here waiting when you come back.

  17. itsallaboutpurple

    ooohhhh it should never be a chore for you. i always think of you as a happy spirit with soooo much beauty to share. winter is a little more difficult, we are home more and have less to share. i enjoy your views from home, i never tire of your sunrises and sunsets!!

  18. I have to agree with jhuber .. your photos say it all ! But it’s the winter to blame; we can’t get photo ops like the ‘ice trees’ every day! Looking forward to R5F!!

  19. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I agree with all that the weather and tax time has a lot to do with it. Chuck and I are finding it hard to deal with retirement in the weather months. No matter what you do on your blog is fine. Do not beat yourself up about it.
    Pictures or words as long as we have some Dianna it’s F I N E!!!!

  20. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sorry winter months!

  21. I think we aren’t able to get out and about like we do when it’s warmer, and that limits our creativity a bit. Preparing tax work will definitely put a crimp in it! Your photos are gorgeous, always a pleasure to see.

  22. You’re right. It shouldn’t be a chore, but sometimes it is! I feel if I leave my readers hanging they may not come back and that’s scary. I think it’s the time of year though. Everyone is antsy to be done with this cold weather – and I live in the panhandle of Florida! We’ve had ice! Hoping when the warmer weather comes our words will flow. Is it too early in the year to wish for springtime? LOL!

  23. As so many have commented here, this is a common problem! Like MJ, I’ve learned to give myself permission to step away, sometimes for weeks at a time. I’m sure that doesn’t do anything for building readership, but there are times when I’m just too focused elsewhere to blog.
    You have such beautiful photos! I enjoy your stories too, don’t get me wrong! But if you don’t feel like you have something to say, you can always let your photos do the speaking for you. Those are always a treat! ~ Sheila

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