Random Five Friday

Whew! I must admit: I’m glad it’s Friday. And that means, it’s time for Random Five Friday.

1.)  Thank you SO much for the kind comments on yesterday’s post regarding my current blog struggle. I was encouraged by the support!

2.) Earlier this week, Gypsy shared a post about her work as my office assistant. Sundae said she wanted equal time. I guess her title would be domestic engineer, specializing in laundry, particularly warm towels, fresh from the dryer.

sundae towels 2-5-2014 4-22-13 PM

3.) Tax preparation is complete: YAY!  Motor Man just has to look over a couple of things, and it will be on its way to the CPA. What can I do to celebrate?

4.) The ducks that I feed almost daily missed a few days last week because of the snow. But as soon as it began clearing, there they were, ready to eat.

ducks 2-1-2014 4-06-53 PM

And quack.

ducktail 2-1-2014 4-07-03 PM

5.) Speaking of “waterfowl”, last Saturday morning, Motor Man and I took a little drive around town. I spotted this egret near the edge of a stream at our local park. It was on Motor Man’s side of the vehicle, so I handed him the camera. I love everything about this picture: the white snow, the blue of the water and the blurred reflection of the trees in the water. Good job, Motor Man!

egret 2-1-2014 10-15-53 AM 2-1-2014 10-15-53 AM

And now, I’m heading over to Nancy’s to read other Random Five Friday entries.

~These Days Of Mine~


18 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. I’m with Sundae – there’s nothing like warm towels from the dryer, unless it’s warm flannel sheets and PJs.

  2. YAY on the warm towels and yay on the beautiful photos but especially yay on saying “bye bye” to writers block!

    Happy Friday……….Pam

  3. BJ is Sundae’s partner in ‘domestic engineering’….she loves warm laundry. These days I’d love anything warm, too. Is it spring yet?

  4. I can almost hear the ducks quacking with their beaks open coming in for a buffet. You can really see their beautiful colors in the one single one.

  5. Great post & pics:) My first thought with one of my cats on a freshly folded towel is..OH NO!! it’s got cat hair all over it and I need to wash it again. But then again everything in our house has cat or dog hair on it…so does it really matter??… My favorite is the close up on the duck quacking:)

  6. Sundae has her job down-pat! 🙂 Happy Friday!

  7. Loved your random Friday – all the photos were great – is that you in the bottom picture with the typewriter? Did you always want to be a rider?


  8. Sundae is such an adorable little helper. You’re lucky to have her there to keep the towels warm longer thus reducing wrinkles. lol
    I’m glad your taxes are done. Now hopefully you can relax and take the weekend to clear your mind or take as long as you need too.
    What a cute flock of ducks. Isn’t it neat how they stand in the snow and don’t seem really cold. You’d think their poor little feet would freeze.
    MM did a great job taking that photo. I’m with you, I like everything about it too.
    I think I’ll go check out that link and read some other r5’s.
    Wishing you a pleasant weekend of rest and relaxation.

  9. Nothing like a freshly clean warm towel from the dryer. On these cold days, Sundae’s got the right idea. Oh, excuse me while I go get a warm towel from the dryer just to cuddle with. 😉

  10. Those nice warm towels look so inviting. How could Sundae resist? Love your quacking ducks photos and Motorman definitely got a good one in too!

  11. (psst. that’s a heron.) 🙂

    love sundae’s job. and good for you for completing taxes. i’ve got to do some research this year to complete our personal taxes and i’m not happy. 🙂

  12. You know the phrase, “a duck out of water”? I wonder if we could come up with a meaning for “a duck in the snow”?

  13. Another great assortment here!
    Did Motor Man use your camera or his to capture that great one ??!! 😉

  14. Great “Randoms” – Sundae is so cute all snuggled on the warm towel. Kitties do love to be warm and toasty.
    Your hubby did a great job with the Egret photo.
    So happy the ducks were happy. Winter is hard on everyone but I do feel bad for animals dealing with it.

  15. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Another great Randoms Five! Sundae knows how to find a warm and soft bed. It is a great feeling to have your taxes done, Chuck and I also finished our this week. I am sure the ducks are glad to have the snow going away, I sure am! Have a good weekend.

  16. Another great shot by Motor Man! Sundae looks like she’s been busy with the laundry. 🙂 I love the webbed footprints in the snow the ducks make. I was noticing the gulls left unusual prints in the snow.

  17. Sundae is such a pretty lady. Motor Man did a heck of a job getting a good shot too! Glad you are getting through the taxes and the snow is going away! Happy weekend!
    Marty and Mom

  18. Love the ducks and the snow! ~ Sheila

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