(A Wild) Random Five Friday

Well, folks, we’ve landed on Friday again. And that means it’s time for a little randomness:

1.) My view last Friday morning at sunrise.  Do you see my “guest”?  There were several along the marsh, but I was only able to get a picture of one.

deer at sunrise 3-28-2014 6-59-14 AM_Snapseed

2.) Continuing with the wildlife theme, Sundae had some guests of her own the other day. I heard her “chattering” at something outside,  and when I looked, I saw this.

sundae and birds 4-2-2014 8-50-54 AM

3.) More wildlife:  can you spot the bird’s nest, complete with eggs? You may need to click to enlarge. Yes, this is the wreath on our front door. Now, before we open the door, we have to be sure Mama Bird isn’t on the nest. That resulted in a bird-in-the-house one time several years ago. Marshall to the rescue; he happened to be visiting, caught the bird and escorted it back outside.

birds eggs in wreath 3-28-2014 2-33-30 PM

4.) Still more wildlife: this picture was taken Wednesday evening just a few miles from our house. I think these two were on a date:

turkeys 4-2-2014 6-44-33 PM

5.) Okay, I think I’ve run out of wild…. oh, wait…there IS this…

jr and gyps

Happy weekend!


UPDATE:  I just discovered that Nancy is on spring break, so there is no Random Five Friday this week at A Rural Journal.  But…there is one here at These Days!

~These Days Of Mine~

24 responses to “(A Wild) Random Five Friday

  1. What a nice group of “randomness” !!! Happy Friday………..


  2. What great photos! The Friday morning sunrise photo should be framed..it’s beautiful! Happy Friday!

  3. Good Morning Dianna! That first picture is breathtaking.. the sky, the marina, that little deer silhouette. I think those turkeys were on a date too. We had three turkeys ride out the storm here yesterday pressed close to the south side of the house. Mama bird sure picked a cozy place for her nest and the right house too! #5.. that is some random napping going on! Have a great weekend!

  4. All the birds seem to love your front porch! If they’re not nesting in the eaves, they’re nesting in your door decoration!! From the amount of wildlife you get, anyone would think you lived in the ‘wild’.

  5. I’ve held off putting my wreath out for this very reason. And that last wildlife shot is the best!

  6. “I think these two were on a date.” Sooo funny. They are quite the celebrities in November. Surprising paparazzi capture in March! Maybe People Magazine will contact you for this photo.

  7. I’m getting most fond of your Random Five Fridays; they’re always interesting and great pictures. That bird’s nest is adorable but not so fun when mother bird gets in your house! Yes, I think you’re right, those two are on a date and Mr. Tom is showing his stuff and shaking his tail feathers to get her attention. 😉 I spied your guest in the sunrise photo and just yesterday I spied 7 of his Pennsylvania cousins trotting through my front yard.

  8. “Wild Man” I LOVE it!! Great pics and the birds do love your adornments, don’t they?

  9. Great picture of the turkeys! That’s unusual to be so close and see the male’s tail feathers fanned out! And I love your wreath! A Carolina wren built a nest in one of my hanging pots one year.

  10. I so love seeing your sunrise and sunset shots! This one has such warm, subtle tones…and that little critter! A really nice capture! I did have to blow up the wreath shot to find the nest – how cool! Happy Weekend!

  11. Oh no! Birds nest in your door wreath. It happens every year. They like you!

  12. I love your random Friday! The bird’s nest on the door, the strutting turkey, Sundae’s vigil and the last photo of two distinctly wild creatures! 🙂

  13. I like the ‘wild’ theme for today! – great deer silhouette!
    I forgot about that time the bird got in the house …. a learning experience there!

  14. I love the “artistic” addition to your wreath!

  15. i am laughing at the bird’s nest on your front door! darn it, you’re hospitable!

  16. love your photos! And Sundae looks so much like my little one.

  17. What a great range of photos! The little deer silhouette might be my favorite, just because I had to work for it!

  18. The photo of the turkeys is amazing. The gobbler sure is strutting and showing off.

  19. Yep, that’s a wild pair you have there in your office! I did see the deer, and the nest. That’s the early bird, for sure! LOL at the turkey date.

  20. Awesome post. It’s a magical wildlife zoo at your door.
    You did a fabulous job of capturing the deer silhouette. Good eye for seeing the subtle flora and fauna in your environment.
    I enjoy watching Sundae’s hunts, she’s quite keen-eyed like her MotorMama.
    Your wreath has every one of mine beat. You actually having living beauties decorating with nest and eggs in yours. Sweet!
    The turkey’s are so pretty. I believe you’re right about them courting.
    Can you beat that, Gypsy holding down MM and forcing him to nap on the job. lol That’s why cats are the alpha in a family. She’s a peach of an office manager.
    Hope your weekend is a good one.

  21. Loved this post. How fun to spot the deer, the turkeys, the bird nest in your door wreath. Kitties do enjoy watching birds and chattering at them and there is nothing as sweet or nice as a great “cat nap.”

  22. Beatrice P. Boyd

    Beautiful sunrise and definitely a reason to get up early, Dianna. The last shot of the 2 nappers was very cute.

  23. Hey, for a random post, this one seems to have a pretty good theme going! Love all the wildlife. You have a never-ending slide show in front of your windows! We used to have that at our home in the foothills above Denver. Miss that!
    ~ Sheila

  24. One of your best random 5 post yet!!!! I love the sunset with the deer and the turkeys are grand. The birds eggs in your wreath almost look like that belong there. It looked like Sundae was really enjoy the view that day and Gypsy was right were she wanted to be.

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