Gypsy’s Elusive Toy

At his shop, Motor Man has a handheld infrared thermometer he uses to check the temperature of the oil pan when he has an engine on the dyno (dynomometer).

Infrared=laser light=kitty toy.

Where is it, Gypsy?

Where is it, Gypsy?

There it is!

gypsy1 6-9-2014 12-07-39 PM

She’s going in!

censored1 6-9-2014 12-05-21 PM

“I….can….almost…reach… it…! But where’d it go??” (Psst, Gypsy, sweetie: it’s on your back.)

stretch 6-9-2014 12-06-08 PM

“Well, I’m just gonna sit right here and wait for it to come back out. ‘Cause one of these days, I WILL get that little red bug.”

bug 6-9-2014 12-07-45 PM

Hope springs eternal, right, Gypsy?

*Programming note: tomorrow, I’ll be a guest over at  Jill Weatherholt’s. I’ll be reblogging that post here, and I’m not sure what time that will go “live”. But stay tuned!

~These Days Of Mine~


18 responses to “Gypsy’s Elusive Toy

  1. Great photos! Obviously that little red bug is on her “hit list”… the shot of her crawling in the box……her coloring sure has “come in” since she was a little kitten – she’s so pretty!


  2. Oh Gypsy that red bug! We have one at our house too! Hope you catch yours some day!

  3. Ha!! We’ve done this in the past too:) Great entertainment!!

  4. Ha! The butterfly! They should use one (or two, come to think of it) of those on TV for those certain shots they are always blurring out. Fun post.

  5. Gypsy, the great hunter…you’ll catch that red bug one day, Gypsy-girl!!

  6. lol Gypsy is so fun and comical. She’s a beauty too.
    Great set of photos. 🙂

  7. How thoughtful of you to cover up her “privates” with a butterfly. That made me giggle. 🙂 Our kitties also have tried to catch the elusive red bug….usually very unsuccessfully. Great photos! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your guest post!

  8. I love Gypsy’s butterfly tattoo! 😉 Great pictures … fun times.

  9. THE Red Dot! Entertaining kitties and their peeps everywhere!!! I am sure Gypsy appreciates her privacy butterfly.. 😀

  10. Gypsy has grown! She has become a healthy happy beautiful cat! And what fun these photos are! P.S. I too love the butterfly tattoo.

  11. so very cute and intense!

  12. I saw the latest installment of this game earlier today ….. It’s too bad everybody here can’t hear her “talking” to it …. trying to charm it !

  13. That is too funny!

  14. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The butterfly is perfect, a girl has to keep somethings to her self. Gypsy is becoming a beautiful cat and so much fun. Love the pics.

  15. That’s hilarious, Dianna! I remember my cat used to chase the reflections from my watch.
    I can’t wait for everyone to read your fabulous post tomorrow!

  16. Hehehe whee love watching kitties chase those little red dots. Mummy tried to see if whee were interested in one but whee quickly realised it wasn’t food and ignored it!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  17. I keep telling H I need a playful kitten! Our inherited cats are neurotic and all they want to do is eat and run from you!

  18. Our Callie is positively ‘possessed’ by her laser kitty toy. She knows where we keep it, and some evenings she just sits staring at me and pawing at the end table drawer where that red bug is stashed.

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