All In An Evening

The sky last Tuesday evening proved to be quite interesting.

First, around 7:30, Motor Man spotted this beautiful white cloud over the marina, and I headed outside with the camera.

white cloud 6-10-2014 7-31-23 PM

Further to the west, about 30 minutes later, the setting sun was hidden behind clouds.

further west 6-10-2014 7-55-47 PM

Oh, look who came to watch the sunset with me.

groom 6-10-2014 7-58-53 PM

I think he knows I like taking pictures of him, especially this time of day.

sunset groom 6-10-2014 8-05-29 PM

It’s starting to get dark, Groom; you’d better be going wherever it is that swans go at night.

groom and clouds 6-10-2014 8-06-02 PM

And, finally, this of the sun reflecting in another white cloud; it’s the last picture I took that evening, about an hour after the first one.

pink cloud over marina 6-10-2014 8-29-43 PM

Groom Swan and I certainly enjoyed the show.

~These Days Of  Mine~


15 responses to “All In An Evening

  1. Well from your vantage point there on the water, you get interesting shows almost every day – especially when there’s a Groom involved!


  2. I love your view of the sunsets each night. We have sunrises.

  3. It’s wonderful that you get sunrises and sunsets and what a great viewing companion to keep you company!! Lovely!

  4. Lovely series of snaps and Groom Swan is always a treat!

  5. Aw, Groom Swan went to the ‘movies’ with you. Who brought the popcorn? 😉

  6. how lovely! really like the 2nd to last one!

  7. Thanks for being there to take pictures and share with those who are never home!

  8. Quite the display for one evening ! – Love that first one – that system is waaaaaay up there !

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    How blessed you are to have the beautiful God given sunrise and sets to enjoy each day. We are lucky too that you share these beautiful pictures with us. ❤

  10. What a wonderful glowing place to live – and Groom Swan knows it too.

  11. You indeed have a talent for capturing God’s creations, Dianna. Beautiful photos!

  12. Olde Towne Photos

    Beautiful. I saw that from my daughter’s house and was afraid it was bringing rain, so I headed for the barn and didn’t get a good photo. Are you feeding the Swan family?

  13. I enjoyed you and Groom sharing the beauty of the sunset with us. Thank so much. 🙂

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