The Shriners

If you’re like me, you’ve heard of the Shriners for years. I must admit that I  didn’t know, until I did a little research for this post, that the Shriners are affiliated with the Freemasons. They’re known for their odd-looking red hats, called fezzes, but more importantly, for the Shriners Childrens Hospitals (22 of them in North America), which help burned and cripped children.

Saturday night was “Shriners” night at our local race track, Langley Speedway,  and before the races began, they treated the fans with a parade around the track. Since Motor Man and I have track-side parking, we had a good view.

Just look at this semi.

little semi 6-28-2014 7-56-21 PM

And take a second look:

shriner semi1 6-28-2014 7-53-05 PM

Aren’t they the cutest little trucks? Can you imagine how much fun they are to drive?

fuel 6-28-2014 7-56-44 PM

There was even a mini tow truck.

tow truck16-28-2014 7-53-33 PM 6-28-2014 7-53-33 PM

The Shriners also put on an exhibition in their mini race cars.

race cars 1 6-28-2014 7-57-56 PM

Not only do the Shriners help disabled and injured children, they also put on quite a show in their miniature vehicles. We were glad for our front row seats.

~These Days Of Mine~

17 responses to “The Shriners

  1. How fun it would be to drive one of those 🙂 Neat! Thank you for the history lesson, too ~ MJ

  2. That’s so neat! That first photo fooled me….had no idea it was SMALL but what a grand show the Shriners put on. They are always involved in community fun wherever they go and always for a good cause.


  3. I’m sure everyone enjoyed the show. I did…through your pics. They really do great benefit work. Thanks for telling us the whole story.

  4. I had no idea they were affiliated with the Freemasons! They do wonderful work.

  5. The semi had me giggling!!! A lot!!! I love the little cars. Chris’s grandfather was a Shriner and his grandmother was in Eastern Star. We have his fez because how could you give it away? They do an amazing amount of work that really is amazing. Plus they put on great shows, right? Great pictures! I loved them.

  6. Love seeing them in parades. They always have a good time and entertain the kids especially. Thanks for the history lesson.

  7. ~applause~ to the Shiners for their wonderful charities and support to help folks in need.
    I want a one of those little vehicles. They would be such fun to putter around in. lol I bet you all got a lot of fun laughs watching them. They make me smile just looking at the photos. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  8. That is just sooo COOL !
    Have never seen anything like that before and I know my humans would have loved to see them live 🙂

  9. Fun! I always laugh when I see them in their mini cars but I’ve never seen the mini-semi! Shriners do a lot of good work.

  10. really, really cute. i used to love when they had their black pony brigade in parades.

  11. The mini-semi cracked me up! I need a mini blue New Holland tractor like that.. 🙂

  12. Could this be the very first optical illusion on TheseDays ?? Pics 1 & 2 really got me for a second there! It’s all perspective !
    I’ll have to do some more research on the Shriners ……….

  13. Laughed out loud at photo number 2. Totally wasn’t expecting that!! Great post, Dianna.

  14. You got me with the first photo, Dianna! The Shriners are awesome!

  15. You almost had me fooled with that first shot – looks just like a brand new real semi! The other photos were self explanatory and soooo cute! What a super smiling day that must have been!

  16. I must admit, Dianna, you fooled me too. The Shriners are a wonderful organization They do such good work for children. I am sure they put on a good show at the race.

  17. I’ve only seen them in those little red cars–I suppose those have gone to the great junkyard in the sky by now. They do a lot of good for children, that’s for sure.

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