Random Five Friday

Once again, time for five random thoughts on R5F.

1.)  Tuesday evening, my neighbor couldn’t wait to show me these baby birds.  The nest is in a gardenia bush in her front yard.

baby birds 6-24-2014 7-54-58 PM

2.) I had two “frights” this week in our yard. The first was Monday afternoon when something came running toward me as I was walking out of our garage door. My first thought (before I got a good look) was that it was a fox, but it was actually the tiniest fawn I’ve ever seen. It was very similar in size to this one that we saw a few miles away last week.

fawn 6-14-2014 8-25-05 AM

3.) The second fright (my FB friends have already seen this picture) was a snake in one of my flowerbeds. I had placed the spade, the fertilizer and the box of wildflower seeds on the ground, THEN saw the snake. Needless to say, I left everything lying right there. The spade was about ten inches from the snake’s tail.


4.) For those of you who shop at Food Lion Supermarkets, may I make a suggestion? Did you know that you can register your MVP card, so that everytime you use it, a portion of the amount you spend goes to a charity? There are several charities listed, and you choose the one you prefer. May I make another suggestion?  Corolla Wild Horse Fund. It only takes a couple of minutes. Here’s the link:

http://www.foodlion.com/community-outreach/mvp-rewards  (Click on “Register Your MVP Card”.)


stallion sees other horse 6-23-2013 6-56-26 AM

“Thank you for registering your card to help us!”

5.)  This weekend is the Olden Days Festival in our little town. It’s your typical small town festival: street vendors, concerts, classic car shows. This picture was taken back in 1994, during Olden Days. I have no idea who that guy was supposed to be….or who I was supposed to be? I just had fun dressing up.

db olden days 94 6-25-2014 4-50-11 PM.bmp-001

Feel free to share any randomness happening today in your little corner of the world!

~These Days Of Mine~




21 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Those little baby bird mouths are beyond cute. I always melt when I see baby birds…♥ Snakes leave me holding in a little scream until I figure out WHO they are!

  2. What kind of snake was that?? I hope it hasn’t made your garden its home.

  3. What kind of snake was that?? I hope it hasn’t made your garden its home.

  4. I can’t believe you actually stopped long enough to take a picture of of that snake.!!!
    That’s the smallest fawn I’ve ever seen. And tiny birds are all mouth!

  5. I signed up my card!!

  6. Those baby birds are so cute. Unfortunately, our cat Callie caught a fledgling this week and ate it. I was so mad at her until hubby reminded me that it’s natural for a cat to ‘hunt.’ Anyway, we had similar weeks, Dianna, because I saw a snake too! We’ve lived here for 14 years and I’ve never seen a snake close to the house, but there it was behind a shrub by the front porch. I saw down on the porch swing, saw it, and couldn’t believe my eyes! I was too startled to even get the camera!

  7. Dianna, we’ve discussed the necessity of snakes wearing little bells around their necks before. It is always the “startle” factor that gets me with my abundant snakes. Reaching down to pick up a “branch” or the “hose” and suddenly it slithers away. Oh yes, many heart-stoppers for me too but we do let the black snakes live. Copperheads on the other hand….

  8. Great photos and by the way…you make a great pioneer woman! Now go churn some butter!

  9. Love your random five today especially the little bird mouths. And you do make a pretty pioneer woman.

  10. Love the throwback to ’94 ! Was that the first Olden Days? I was trying to remember ……. & that snake picked a tricky spot ……

  11. Aw the baby birdies are so sweet.
    That’s awesome about the fawn. I guess it felt safe and wanted to be near you real fast.
    The snake is scary. What kind is it?
    That’s awesome about Food Lion. Unfortunately there isn’t one in our area anymore. W-Mart pretty much ran all the major grocery stores out of business.
    Your horse photo is wonderful. I know it’ll be a big help to them.
    Olden Days sounds like good old fashion fun. I like your costumes. Very spiffy. I wonder if that feller has a photo like this posted on a blog somewhere and wonders who you are supposed to be too? lol That would be a hoot.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

    • Hey Dianna
      I looked up black spotted snakes and found some that looks like the one who was trying to help you garden. Was it a Black Rat Snake?

  12. Adorable baby birds – NOT SO adorable snake! I remember that Olden Days photo from last year’s post I think? I love it….you look cute in your outfit. Happy Randomness to you!

    Hugs, Pam

  13. Love the wide-open mouths just waiting for food. Do NOT love the snake – I don’t like snakes – too many bad encounters with them. Baby fawn is precious. The only problem is that they grow up and eat my garden, roses, and blueberries. UGH! Enjoy Olden Days!

  14. So much going on!! I love that first shot of the birds! My brother’s wife had a baby very early this morning – so I had to kinda giggle…they are going to be on the receiving end of many hungry cries in the days to come!

  15. How precious are those baby birds. The fawn is cute but sorry it scared you. Here is hoping you do not see any more snakes this season. Thanks for the FYI on Food Loin, i am signing up.

  16. Oh my… the baby bird photo is wonderful, Dianna! What a great Random Five Friday, despite the scary snake! Enjoy your weekend!

  17. The photo of the birds is perfect! Love their little open beaks! The snake would frighten me too…hate those things! ~ Sheila

  18. I love your 1994 outfit Dianna! And all the rest of your randomness too. The horse fund via Food Lion’s card is such a great idea..

  19. Looks like you should have taken dinner, those little birdies were hungry! What a cute fawn! It is tiny. That’s an interesting snake, have you identified it? I support a lady who rescues cats through Food Lion’s program. When our daughter was unable to keep a couple of stray cats they’d “adopted,” Wendy’s Feline Friends took them in.

  20. Those baby birds…. They are the cutest…

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