This Time Of Year

I’m especially fond of the quote: “Nature gives to every season a beauty of its own”.

tractor and fog 10-25-2014 7-56-41 AM

Farmers in our area are busy harvesting crops, and they’ve had some really nice weather recently to help with that task.

trees and fog 10-25-2014 7-56-54 AM

So even though our leaves haven’t yet begun changing into their fall colors, we do have the gold of the soybean fields and the white of the cotton fields to enjoy.

sand pit 10-25-2014 7-59-55 AM

And a little early morning fog doesn’t hurt.

~These Days Of  Mine~

15 responses to “This Time Of Year

  1. AND, morning fog is appropriate for the spooky Halloween season too!


  2. I actually raked a few leaves yesterday. When I left for Texas my trees in the front yard had hardly even changed colors. When I came back 10 days later they were all changed and almost totally off the trees!!! What a difference a week makes when fall comes. I missed the best part of them. But I didn’t miss the raking . Fortunately it is always so windy here that most blow away. 🙂

  3. My Dad was a farmer and at his funeral we didn’t just quote the Bible verse of “Ecclesiastes 3:1″ we played the Byrds song, too. It was just so appropriate for him; he found beauty and spirituality in the land.

    Beautiful photos, Dianna.

  4. “The Fields are White as unto the harvest ” John 4:35 – The fall cotton fields make that verse so visible and alive for me. Your pictures capture this area beautifully.

  5. Seeing your pictures of farmers harvesting crops, to me, means HOME!! I grew up with the dust of peanuts being dug and picked…makes me a little homesick!

  6. Farmer don’t get nearly enough thanks for all the do for the rest of us. We have quite a few here in our neck of the woods and I’m so grateful for them.

  7. Whoops! That should read ‘ all they do for the rest of us.’ Sometimes my fingers don’t keep up with my brain! 😉

  8. My favorite colors are this time of year and in your photos. I especially love the dark blue of the river against the golden marsh around it. Don’t forget to take some photos of that!

  9. There are cotton fields near us, too, and when I leave for school in the morning there’s always a fog that “burns off” by the time I get to the freeway. “Be careful on the flat,” Rick calls because the deer just pop out of no where early in the morning… and at dusk.

  10. i love harvest time and putting the fields to ‘bed’ for the winter.

  11. I noticed them in the fields on the way to Suffolk last evening…
    Great pics here!
    And I’m just starting to notice a little color here & there.. just a tint, though.

  12. Another kind of beauty just as beautiful as the changing leaves!

  13. Great farming pictures and you know I love fog. Now if we can get “smellaview” we would have fresh picked peanuts all throughout!

  14. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Your pictures speak for farmers in the Fall. I remember well.

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