Sundae Meets “Elf With No Name”

After seeing so many friends posting pictures of their “Elf On The Shelf” elves’ antics, I decided that we needed one at our house. Never mind that there are no little ones in our family; Motor Man and I are both kids at heart.

We’re still trying to decide on a name…maybe something that incorporates racing and Christmas. We thought about naming him Speedy, but then remembered that’s the name of the Alka Seltzer fella.

In the meantime, Sundae and the elf-with-no-name had a chance encounter last night.

sundae elf 12-3-2014 9-38-26 PM

Hmmmm… Sundae, you’d better be careful.

sundae elf foot 12-3-2014 9-38-38 PM

What have you done, Sundae?

what 12-3-2014 9-38-41 PM

Yeah, that’s probably a good idea; you should definitely be nice to “elf”; you know that he reports to Santa on your behavior.

sundae and elf 2 12-3-2014 9-38-50 PM

And perhaps you’d better let Motor Man know about that, too…

~These Days Of Mine~

21 responses to “Sundae Meets “Elf With No Name”

  1. We missed the whole elf on the shelf phase with our boys and while some of the ideas are very cute I think it would have been just the thing to put me over the edge during those years trying to come up with new ideas. 🙂 Sundae looks intrigued!

  2. Cute little friend. If he’s checking out “naughty or nice” in the house for Santa, Sundae included, how about “L’il Nick?” I tried to think of an MM name, but came up short.

  3. This is the cutest idea! The spirit and fun of Christmas has no age boundaries (thank goodness!) . I think Elf should meet the extended cats in the Keene family too. Thanks so much for the morning smile Dianna! Merry Christmas!

  4. Looks like Sundae decided the “elf with no name” is a friend.

  5. I think Speedy is the perfect name. Where did he hide today?

  6. I warn my little guys all the time that Santa is watching them fight. It does no good at all.

  7. Sundae looks like she’s at least OPEN to friendship with the new occupant of your home for the holidays! He’s keeping an eye on her anyway. I think you’ll come up with the perfect name for him… about “Keeny” instead of Kenny? Tee Hee


  8. Whee love your elf. Would he mind letting Santa Paws know whee have been good this year. It seems our elf was involved in an unfortunate munching accident last year and whee have yet to meet his replacement!


  9. Love the ‘kiss-and-makeup’ picture!

  10. Looks like Sundae is enjoying her new friend, Dianna. How about naming him Merrio Andretti. 🙂

  11. Aren’t those elf on the shelf photos so cute? And so creative too. Sundae is very intrigued I see. Can’t wait to see what kind of mischief that little fellow (how about Sparky for a name?) will get into at your house. A couple of years ago, I posted a photo of our Callie on a shelf at Christmas and called it elf on a shelf. She probably would have chewed the real version’s head off. 😀

  12. If ever I meet a cat this size to scale, I wouldn’t be looking as calm 😉

  13. Wowwzers! mes would really likes to has one of those around here. Purrhaps he would keeps Ninja in line (after all, mes a really good girl)

  14. I think Sundae is whispering a secret in his ear, you and MM better be on your best behavior!

  15. How about Saturday? Then you’d have Saturday and Sundae 🙂


  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I think Sundae and Elf will be the best of friends!

  17. Well Sundae and Elf No-Na seem to have got it figured out 🙂 We have always had one on Mom’s tree. My sister-in-law had one for the kids and they are in their late teens/early 20’s if that helps at all. Love seeing adorable Sundae!
    Marty and Mom

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