Spring-like Saturday

Saturday, Motor Man and I made another of our quick one-day trips to the Outer Banks. Most folks would balk at driving that distance and back in one day, but not my Motor Man.

The beach was perfect for driving, probably the best we’ve ever seen it.  We only had to use four-wheel-drive when we crossed over the dunes. The remainder of the time, it was like a drive on the interstate….(except with seashells).

beach 2-20-2016 9-38-32 AM

We saw a total of twelve horses, but none of them down by the ocean.  We caught these two enjoying a little morning rest in the warm sunshine in someone’s yard.

snoozing 2-20-2016 10-12-41 AM

And this one relaxing nearby.  We loved the markings on her face and how the breeze was ruffling her mane.

resting ruffled1 2-20-2016 10-14-31 AM

 Wonder how the horses keep warm in the winter? How about a furry winter coat?

winter coat 2-20-2016 10-16-20 AM

Oops: road block ahead. This is on one of the “back roads” over the dunes from the beach. The neon sign on the left is in front of the Carova Volunteer Fire Department. That area is named Carova because it’s near the North Carolina/Virginia border. There’s an ordinance requiring that you keep a 50-foot distance from the horses, so in a situation like this, you either make a u-turn or sit and wait (and take pictures) until the horses finish crossing the “street”. I don’t suppose there’s any question which of those options we always choose.

road block 2-20-2016 10-22-47 AM

Ah….a hubby who not only loves to drive, but is also very patient with his horse-loving, photo-taking wife –  plus a springtime day on the beach (with horses) in February.

~These Days Of Mine~

14 responses to “Spring-like Saturday

  1. Saturday was a real “gift” with beautiful weather and we enjoyed it up here too…………that first beach shot is beautiful……and so are the horses but then again they are ALWAYS fun to see!


  2. Couldn’t wait to see your pictures so thanks. Good thing for those thick furry coats as it was a cold winter. I loved the beach picture with glints of shells that looked like treasure! Those day trips look to be a wonderful dash for two!

  3. It looks like it was a beautiful day. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  4. What an absolutely perfect day! I love seeing your horsey beach pictures !

  5. Gorgeous day – I imagine it might have even been a good day to look for sea glass too! The horses are so pretty in their winter coats.

  6. Glad some of the good weather finally reached y’all 🙂

  7. What a fantastic day Dianna! Makes me want to dig my toes in the sand even though I know it’s still too chilly for that. And the horse pics are wonderful as always. :()

  8. It was a very nice day…
    & it’s so cool that the horses go where they please & have that safe buffer of 50 ft in place!

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    So glad you and JR make the one day trips to the beach, We all so enjoy your horse pictures.

  10. Lovely time for sure.

  11. ahhhh … that’s what I needed, a trip to the beach with fuzzy horse friends – and you! 🙂 MJ

  12. Skeletons in the Closet

    Thanks for your help today in getting my blog up and running!

  13. Nice shot of the horses. Looks like a great beach day. Will be back to catch up soon!

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