Little Miss Shoplifter


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4.) You Stole What!?! Spill it!

Like (hopefully) the majority of folks, I was taught from an early age that stealing was one of those things we just didn’t do. I was taught that at a very early age. Probably around this age.

In my hometown of Bacon’s Castle, years ago there were four little country stores. The largest of those was known as The Castle Store.  One day when I was probably two or three, maybe four years old, my mom and I stopped in to do a little shopping.

Since I was never more than a few feet from my mom at any given time, I really can’t imagine how this happened.  But, when we finished our shopping and returned to our car, she realized that I ………………….had stolen a candy bar.

Of course, I don’t recall any of this, but my mom was sure to tell me all about it…..and she did so while I was still very young.

And she said she promptly marched me back into the store to return the candy bar. I don’t recall that either, but I do know that it was the last thing I ever stole.

Now here’s where the story gets a little interesting. My dad died when I was eight months old.  According to my mom, his favorite candy bar was Baby Ruth.

And that’s what I stole. A Baby Ruth candy bar. I would imagine there were tears in her eyes as she escorted me back into that store.


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16 responses to “Little Miss Shoplifter

  1. Awww! All I ever stole was a wedding cake topper from a bakery… and loads of stuff from my parents. But that doesn’t count, right?

  2. Yup, me too. Only stole one candy bar and felt so guilty that I never stole anything again. At least you had good taste–those Baby Ruth bars are very good! I can’t remember what kind I took.

    Stopping by from Writer’s Workshop. Here’s the link to ours:

  3. I don’t ever remember “taking” anything. But I do remember when I was about young enough to be playing outside alone that I went next door to one of those country stores and asked for a popsicle (I’d really paid close attention to Mama and Daddy). I
    promptly said “charge it”. I was really surprised when I was told that I’d have to have Mama or Daddy come and say “charge it” for me!! Those childhood memories really do last FOREVER, don’t they!! LOL!

  4. The most important lessons are learned early … but there was PLENTY of candy for me in Ben Franklin!!

  5. Awww. The connection to your dad made my eyes well up…

    I stole a blue sugar-coated gumball from our country store when I was about that same age. I hid it in my coat pocket until we drove the 3 miles home. I showed my older brother what I had and he proceeded to tell me that the police would put me in jail and I would never see the family again. That was all it took. I cried and didn’t even enjoy the gumball.

  6. values should really be taught during our younger years ..

    visiting from mama kat’s writer’s workshop c”,)

  7. Oh I love, love, love that the Baby Ruth was your Dad’s favorite. I believe he was right there with you that day. I know, I’m sure he didn’t condone you taking that candy bar but he was speaking to you through it. Mine? A comic book from our little drug store uptown. That was the only thing ever…I still feel guilty.

  8. The closest time I came to stealing something was when I was in the first grade. I had a nickel left in change from my lunch money and when the upper class sold candy during a recess, I took the nickel and bought a roll of Lifesavers. I ate the first one and then realized Mama hadn’t told me I could use the money, so I carefully wrapped the end of the candy and took it back to the teacher, telling her I couldn’t buy it. She knew the candy had been opened, so she took it from me, didn’t return the nickel and told me if I did something like this again she would paddle me. So I lost both candy and money but gained a valuable lesson. Still makes me sad though because Daddy was always so “tight” with our money that we were afraid to ask for any.

  9. It sounds like it made quite an impression.

  10. Oh wow, what a great story.

  11. Wow – I can’t believe the candy you picked was your dad’s favorite. Your mom must have been blown away by that. Nice post!

  12. That is so sweet that candy bar you took was your dad’s favorite and you didn’t even know it.

  13. A real teaching moment straight from your daddy! Very poignant. I too stole a pack of gum when I was six or seven from our local Tom Thumb. I felt terrible guilt for years afterwards. I was sure that “they” were coming to get me. Never stole again!

  14. Oh wow! Great story. I have chills! Maybe he was with you and wanted you to have it 🙂

  15. Awww see you were just getting it for him!

    I stole Dynamints (does anyone even remember those?) and my mom busted me and I had to bring them back in and apologize!

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I use to steal Pespi from my Grandmother’s and Uncle’s kitchen. The rule was I was suppose to ask. I bet they knew I was doing it ??.

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