Not My Typical Day

Yesterday, I had the “Golden Tooth” extracted.

To say that I was nervous apprehensive scared to death would have been putting it mildly.  I’d never been sedated for dental work before, so there were many unknowns.

But – I can honestly say that once I was in that chair, I thought about my family, friends and my blogging family. I knew many people were thinking about me and praying for me. That really helped calm my nerves.

And maybe prevented me from bolting out the door.

As the surgeon was starting the IV, he said that sometimes patients will “sort of” wake up toward the end of the procedure.  Not me; when I woke up, I was in recovery. Motor Man was sitting beside the bed, trying to decipher what I was mumbling.

I’d wake up for a few minutes, mumble something and go right back to sleep. I vaguely remember Motor Man and the assistant helping me to the car. And I know Motor Man got me in the house when we got home, but I really don’t remember it.  I DO remember seeing our bed, and how wonderful it felt to just fall into it.

For the most part, I slept the remainder of the afternoon. Marshall went to the pharmacy to take my prescription and bring back my pain meds. He’s never seen his mom so loopy, I’m sure.

I’ve had a minimum of pain, and am just relieved that this is over. I’m ready for a more typical day today, and we plan to go to the races tonight. Thankfully we park by the track, so I’ll be in the comfort of our vehicle.  Aren’t reclining seats wonderful?

Thanks for all your concern. You probably had no idea that you prevented a dental patient from going AWOL yesterday.

16 responses to “Not My Typical Day

  1. So very glad to hear all went well for you yesterday!

  2. So glad it’s all over and hope you never have to face something like that again. Isn’t it wonderful that you can wake up and everything is over and done? And you can’t remember any of it!!

  3. How nice things are back to normal. Was pleased to see still another daily post this morning.

  4. Wow! You got some GOOD knock out drugs! Glad its done so you can stop worrying! Your body and brain were probably exhausted just from the apprehension…

    Enjoy your day TODAY and the races tonight. 🙂

  5. Yes, welcome back to the world! I think all of us who’ve been in the dental chair (& who hasn’t??) were pullin’ for you! (no pun intended .. really .!…)

  6. A new day full of hope and smiles! Let them pamper you, dear

  7. I knew you could do it. And it really wasn’t that bad! Hooray for you.

  8. Glad thats over! Good luck tonight..

  9. Good to know that part is over. You are stronger than you think. Keep smiling!!

  10. Don’t make a recovery too fast. Play out this pampering for a while. Doesn’t it make you feel like a million dolllars, when others take the lead and assist you in your recovery…… u—————jj

  11. Glad that you have the dentist visit behind you and hope you recover quickly. I have to confess to being a big chicken when it comes to dental work, I think I’d rather have a pap smear. 😀 Thanks for your comment at my blog, I always love visits! Have a good weekend.

  12. I’m so glad your surgery is over and you haven’t been in too much pain. You were on my mind a lot Thurs. I’ve been there, done that. Before I got braces, at age 46, my x-rays revealed two teeth that had never come through, so they had to come out. I didn’t want to be put to sleep, but the oral surgeon insisted. I always wake up sick.

  13. I know you’re relieved to have that over! I have to go back to my regular dentist next Wed. to fix two fillings that came out AGAIN! She just “fixed” them 2 months ago! And then Thursday is my second root canal at the endodontist. Oh, and my oldest son is having a cavity filled on Monday afternoon! We are keeping the dentists around here in business!

  14. Glad it all went well. What a funny feeling…to be sedated and not kow what’sgoing on, huh? So thankful for husbands that we can count on!!

  15. Yeah! You’re back. So happy to hear it went fine. That unknown stuff can be the worst. Hope racing went well!

  16. I’m certainly glad that you didn’t “sort of” wake up too early. I don’t imagine that would be a fun experience. I’m also very happy you have two wonderful guys to take care of you; the untypical day for you was probably a bit unsettling for them. And then, you were off to the races! Thanks for letting us know all went well.

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