Many of you have read previous posts about the “Bride and Groom Swans” who visit us from time to time.

If you’re new here, this link will explain how the pair got their names.

Although we’ve continued to see Groom Swan occasionally, it’s probably been a year or so since we had seen Bride Swan. I was almost convinced that maybe she had been injured or become ill and passed on to bluer water.

Then last week, I happened to spot her, and I grabbed my camera and some bread. I think she was happy to see me; I was certainly relieved to see her.

A few days later, just after sunrise, she visited again, and was joined, this time, by Groom Swan.

Bride Swan was looking especially lovely with the golden light of the sunrise shining on her feathers.

“Reunited, and it feels so good.”


26 responses to “Reunited

  1. I’m so glad to see them back together as I know you are. I’ve heard that swans mate for life, so I bet they’re pretty excited about this reunion as well.

  2. Glad the couple have reunited! The pictures of the ‘couple’ are lovely!

  3. so glad she made it back. What time’s the reception? MJ

  4. What a wonderful holiday story.

  5. How sweet! They make a very stunning couple!!


  6. This is a fantastic Christmas story. I am delighted to see them back together!

  7. What a beautiful, feel-good story! And the pictures are stunningly beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  8. Great pictures. Glad they are BOTH back. Also, good use of the song lyrics!

  9. Wonderful story! Your blog was passed on to me by We are raising a fawn deer, and will be releasing her back to the wild just as soon as deer hunting season is over mid-January. We are in hopes that Daisy will return to visit us often. Your story was inspiring!

  10. They sure are beautiful birds! I’m glad she came back to see you!

  11. Love your wildlife photos..Beautiful!
    We lived in the foothills above Denver for many years and saw deer and elk frequently, but we never named any of them. I think it’s charming that you “know” your wildlife guests well enough to recognize them and give them names! ~ Sheila

  12. i’ve actually been wondering about her too since you hadn’t shown her at all. yay!!! glad they’re still together!

  13. “I was a fool to ever leave your side.
    Me minus you is such a lonely ride.”

    Perfect song for the perfect couple!

  14. They do look good together, don’t they?! Is that her right “paddle” that I can see in the last pic ? Very cool!

  15. They’re beautiful and it’s so nice that they recognize you and come for food. Will they have babies in the spring?

  16. A renewed Christmas romance.

  17. They were visiting you for Christmas … how very nice of them.
    Heartwarming story about love. It is a perfect holiday one.
    Blessings ….

  18. They make a lovely couple – what a nice Christmas present for you – and for us! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Awe it’s great they are together again.They make a very handsome couple.

  20. Ah, she must have gone north to visit her relatives for high season. 🙂 Glad to see she has returned. Did you see the botanical garden’s male eagle has a new mate? There will be three cameras surrounding the nest in 2012, and they will be live in early January, 24/7!

  21. Bet you were so glad to see her back…just maybe not near as much as Groom swan was! Very sweet.

  22. true love, together forever. reminds me of you and motor man!!

  23. I’m so happy to see them together again! Beautiful couple! And I love the song.

  24. ~applause~ I’m so happy the female came back. Your photos are great, they they’re enchanting beauty so sweetly. Cool! Maybe you’ll see some baby swans next Spring. 🙂

  25. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Didn’t I tell you that Groom swam would be by Bride’s side once again. You and I both now you can’t stop true love!

  26. Exquisite, Dianna. How lovely that you captured them together–again!

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