The Dramatic Sky
One Night Only: December 6, 2011
Starring: The Sunset
Featuring: A Cast of Canada Geese
Setting: The Evening Sky





Lighting provided by God
Applause is optional

23 responses to “Playbill

  1. This is an awesome post Dianna…love the photos and the whole playbill idea for your “presentation” – I’m providing a boatload of applause too!


  2. I think, with a display like that, applause is NOT optional, but necessary and well deserved! What an awesome series of shots, and a beautiful window on the beauty of God’s creation! Again, thanks for the early morning inspiration, Dianna.

  3. Very beautiful and so clever! Applause from MN. And a standing ovation.

  4. Thanks for reminding me why Iive here in Virginia! It’s so beautiful and varied here.
    As someone else said, applause is NOT optional!

  5. Stunning. Absolutely beautiful. Brilliant.

  6. Absolutely phenomenally written…..With a mind like yours, you could really go places, because you see it all so well—— You get a standing ovation on this, nor just applause………………….

  7. Loved God’s play!

  8. These are just beautiful, Dianna. Let Heaven and Nature sing! And applaud.

  9. Not going to lie ~ I’ve got tears on my cheeks. Thanks for this. Just Stunning.

  10. gorgeous! bravo! encore!

  11. Absolutely beautiful. You are truly blessed to live in such stunning surroundings.

  12. Glad I caught this presentation! A different (& impressive) feature every night on this stage!!

  13. Do you consider this to be a photo blog? Your images are beautiful! What a wonderful world to see every day…love your emphasis on nature and wildlife! ~ Sheila

  14. Much applause coming from here — Thanks for a front row seat!

  15. /\ (clap) /\ (clap) Much applause! Wonderful show!! Encore, encore!

  16. beautiful photos and concept.

  17. Dianna, I think this set of pic’s calls for a standing ovation–especially that last one. Consider me standing and clapping!

  18. Applauding wildly – well done.

  19. Lovely shot..God always seems to provide just what we need when we need it.

  20. ApplauseApplauseApplause! Every Act lovely and the Finale the cherry on the Sundae!!!!

  21. Gorgeous photos…and I love the way you end the playbill. *claps* Bravo!

  22. Clapping like crazy from here! Ingenious of ya too!

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