Friday’s Fences – The Family

My pictures for Friday’s Fences this week were taken on the Outer Banks during one of our early morning rides on the beach.

You may recall that I mentioned in a previous post that a certain “Daddy horse” let me know that I was close enough to his family? Well, this is his family.

No, they aren’t “fenced in”; the homeowners have a fence in the yard, and Mom and Babe decided that the grass was greener on the other side.

Here’s Dad running toward them.

What a gorgeous creature.

And, yes, just in case you missed it, there is a fence in these pictures.

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21 responses to “Friday’s Fences – The Family

  1. What beauties! The little one appeared to be looking right at your camera in a couple of shots – how very cooperative of him! “Dad” seems to be saying “hey leave some of that green stuff for me!!”…….nice photos!

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. really love the running shot. (:

  3. Great shots, Dianna! I love watching the OBX ponies – Dan got some really good ones on his last trip there, the weekend before his heart attack. We haven’t been back – we have to go over by boat, and we just haven’t been that far away in the boat yet!

  4. They are beautiful…it’s easy to miss the fence since the horses steal your attention.

  5. Cool shots, Dianne!

  6. Oh my…the daddy horse’s blonde mane and tail remind me of the surfers’ long blond hair at the beach. These horses look so healthy and strong.

  7. The family is so beautiful, and the fence is rather inconspicuous! Hard to see the fence when there is so much beauty running around!!

  8. They are stunning! Great capture on that Daddy horse running in to save the day!

  9. ohhh look at him coming in to protect his family….beautiful shots!

  10. Daddy horse is most handsome and what a good father protecting his family. Seems some humans might learn something from him. 😉 I love the running shot too!

  11. How exciting to see these beautiful creatures in the wild. Great shots

  12. What a handsome family! At least you got some great shots before you jumped back in the jeep!

  13. so beautiful!

  14. Beautiful creatures! I bet it’s a slice of heaven watching them. Thanks for sharing those pictures!

  15. You definitely got Dad’s attention! I did notice the fence… it’s a nice one – it goes very well with the setting !

  16. Magnificent. You have the best fences. The horses are so beautiful. 🙂

  17. Once again….you are soooo lucky, Dianna! Wow! Great photos!

  18. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Fences are nice but those beautiful horses are much better!! Lovely shots.

  19. Beautiful horses! The fence was nice, too. 🙂

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