Wordless Wednesday – Family Resemblance

(Our “Cousin Itt” sweet potato vine.)

(The original Addams Family Cousin Itt.)

Internet image

Linking up to Wordless Wednesday.


24 responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Family Resemblance

  1. I do believe your “Itt” is a whole lot more attractive than the original “Itt” !!! 😀

    Pam and Sam

  2. What a hilarious comparison! You can be so funny, Dianna.

  3. MOL
    I second Pam and Sam!

  4. Ha! Isn’t it funny how we just “see” things {people} in other things some times. It hits us, and then we can’t shake it! Love this!

  5. LOL…nice comparison!

  6. That is hilarious. Beautiful plant.

  7. That is a great comparison! I love the sweet potato vine – I had one that came back a few years, but it didn’t come back this year – I was sad. Mine NEVER looked like yours though – yours must be VERY happy! Great contribution to Wordless Wednesday! Thanks for joining!

  8. LOL! Very cute. I just love sweet potato vines!

  9. thanks for the laugh!

  10. I can see the resemblance … watch out for those sweet potato vines, though … remember the two that we let go last year ? Or should I say let “grow” ? I kept expecting them to come in the front door!

  11. Smiling ~~ that thing could take over if frosts are late!

  12. You better pray for an early frost!

  13. Holy moly! Itt’s taking over!!

  14. That definitely made me laugh :))

  15. That’s one happy vine!

  16. Wow, they really do look alike! 😉

  17. LOL! That’s pretty good! It does look like a Cousin Itt!

  18. One reason I love Wordless Wednesday is that it’s a great place to have some fun as you’ve done today. Had to look twice at second Cousin I to get it. Looking twice is always a good habit for a photographer to have, right?

  19. The shape is similar, but I prefer the potato. 🙂 I liked the show, though.

  20. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Put a hat on your vine and you will have twins.

  21. Too cute! Aren’t you clever! 🙂

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