These Barns – In The Distance

During our trip to Martinsville a couple of weeks ago, I replenished my stash of barn photos.

Somewhere between South Boston and Danville, we spotted this beauty in the distance.

white barn1 10-5-2013 3-04-20 PM

And, at times like these, did what must be done…

white barn2 10-5-2013 3-04-28 PM

…brought out the “long” camera lens and snapped away.

white barn3 10-5-2013 3-04-26 PM

If only there were a public highway near every picturesque barn setting…


11 responses to “These Barns – In The Distance

  1. This barn looks like it’s still being used….It’s always nice to see a great barn that’s well kept!

  2. My niece is doing a medical rotation for medical school in South Boston.

  3. There’s something about a good long-distance shot… they’re inviting, and just a little mysterious.. I like the tree in the foreground 😉

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I agree with Marshall, the trees with the leaves falling adds so much to the barn pictures. The barn looks like it has been well taken care of.

  5. I wish I had a long lens…. this is a lovely barn indeed!

  6. I like how using different lens gives each shot its own distinct aura. .

  7. Yes, and with room to pull off safely! Nice barn find.

  8. Lovely white barn and like the second shot where it is framed by the twisty limbs with leaves changing colors.

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