Ramble On, Monday

Monday’s blog posts are usually difficult ones for me to write. If we’ve had a full, busy weekend (like last weekend in Martinsville/Mt. Airy), I’m too tired to compose my thoughts and photos Sunday evening to post on Monday morning.

If we’ve had a quiet, restful weekend (like this past one), I really have nothing interesting to post.

So, today, I’m just going to ramble.

1.) Friday, when I posted about the carrion cactus, I was a little surprised at some of the comments, questioning my decision in purchasing that plant. Well, let me tell ya:  the third bloom opened over the weekend, and the cactus has now officially been moved to the deck.  Whew-y, it was sure stinking up our garage….Exactly why DID I buy that???

2.) Is there a difference in a wasp sting and that of a yellow jacket? Last year, I was stung on my leg by a wasp. I don’t recall that bothering me very much. But last Thursday evening, a little yellow jacket zapped me on the tip of my index finger.  And it’s still swollen, itching and hot to the touch. Those little rascals sure pack a mean punch.

3.) Tropical storm Karen decided that she wanted to revisit us, so we’re still having wind, rain and high tides.  Today is our eighth (8th) consecutive day of rain. This is how Sundae has spent much of the last week.


4.) Bride Swan isn’t deterred by the bad weather, although this photo was taken a couple of weeks ago. Groom Swan hasn’t been around since September 15, the day after the wedding.

bride swan up close 9-29-2013 6-12-53 PM

5.) It’s been so long since we’ve seen the sun (see rambling thought # 3), I went in search of an archived sunrise photo, just to refresh my memory.

sunrise 9-2-2013 6-51-18 AM

So, ramble on (and rain), Monday. What’s one more day, right?

16 responses to “Ramble On, Monday

  1. Rambling is good for cleaning out the cobwebs and after all this rain we’ve had, there are a lot of those around! Hopefully that yellow jacket sting will settle down in the next day or to, that stinky plant will stink up the deck area instead of your garage (!), and Sundae will find some SUN puddles now that the rain has finally decided to pester someone else for a change. We saw stars in the sky this morning – WOO HOO! Happy Monday.


  2. Thanks for the sun. I’d forgotten what it’s supposed to look like. Rain and Wind again – but a day off from work. Thank You, Columbus!

  3. It would be nice if the sun made it to us today…but from the looks this morning, it won’t be today…dreary, drizzly but no wind yet!! YUCK! Again!

  4. Somehow, you manage to pull some warmth out of a dismal day
    DSC_4145 FB Banner

  5. Why do I always worry when you haven’t seen one or both of the swans for a bit? I hope you see some sun very soon! CH was bit by several yellow jackets while plugging zoysia in our yard years ago. He knows your pain.

  6. I love your ramblings and got a big smile out of Groom Swan disappearing right after the wedding. Sounds like things went bad over the honeymoon. 🙂

  7. Ouch! I hope that finger heals quickly…hard to type, too, I imagine. But you still came up with a potpourri of interesting news at TDoM. Another blossom on the cactus? You do have a green thumb. Take care.

  8. Hey, I enjoyed your rambling thoughts! Sorry though about the bee sting and all the rain. Don’t blame Sundae one bit for curling up on all those rainy days. 😉

  9. we are thankfully getting a spot of rain today – we need tons more, so send it over/down. 🙂

    i sometimes struggle with monday posts as they are a ‘non-link-up’ day so i have to find random subject matter for them. harder than you’d think sometimes! 🙂

  10. I feel like I’m back in Oregon and this weather is one of the reasons we moved! I’ve been in Kitty Hawk for a couple weeks now and we have good and bad days. The ocean has been wild and taken lots of our beach out to sea! I’ve been waiting for sunshine and no wind so we can finally get the kayaks in the water! Hold down the “fort” till I get back!

  11. I know you were concerned about a topic for today, but this turned out great ! You definitely hit some high notes from the past few days … and the sun is shining again now!
    I’ll bet that cactus really ‘produces’ in the sunlight 😉

  12. It’s good to ramble from time to time =^.^=

  13. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    You can random any time you want, you always have interesting topics.
    As far as the Cactus goes,you made a good choice. Who else do you know that has one like that. Just keep it in down wind from the nose. 🙂

  14. I enjoyed the random thoughts, very much. Please keep an eye on that finger — I am allergic to bee stings and last year was stung by a yellow jacket, too. Usually I just swell up for a day and that’s it. Well, not this time. My arm got red and stayed sore and I began to see that it was quite swollen. Turns out I developed “Cellulitis” and had to get 10 days of antibiotics — The Doctor said “just think about about that a yellow jacket has touched – yuck!” http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/tc/cellulitis-topic-overview

    Sundae does not look too impressed with the weather; hope you get some sunshine and soon! On the flip side, we’ve had a week of sun and you can tell everyone is just loving it.

    Lastly, if you decide to get rid of the stinky cactus, I won’t tell 😉


  15. I understand your dilemma! I’m often in the same place…too busy, or too relaxed, to sit down and blog! I find my ability to focus ebbs and flows with my work (for income!) which involves a lot of computer time. One of these days!
    And I can appreciate missing the sun! We’re in the rainy season here in SE Alaska…even in the rain forest some months are drearier than others! October is statistically the wettest month. Missing the glorious summer season…going to be a long winter! At least you have your swans to brighten the day! ~ Sheila

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