A Calendar Full Of Memories

My cousin, Lona, whom we lost in November, and her brother had a long-standing Christmas tradition.

Each year, one of their gifts to each other was a wall calendar.

On my first visit to Lona following her gift exchange with her brother last Christmas, she couldn’t wait to show me the calendar he had given her.

cover 12-31-2013 6-11-23 AM

Lona nor I were familiar with the artwork of Lesley Harrison, but, looking at this calendar, we were both amazed at her talent. We peeked ahead, and discovered that the photos for several months were of Friesians.

You may recall that sometime within the past couple of years, I discovered the Friesian breed of horses and promptly fell in love. 

july 12-31-2013 6-12-52 AM

Lona insisted that I take her calendar, and just buy “any old one” to replace hers. But I couldn’t bring myself to do that.

So, unbeknownst to her, I found one like hers online, ordered it for myself and hung it on the wall beside my desk at our shop.

Lona was a resident in our local convalescent center, and had another regular visitor in addition to myself: our mutual friend sister, Janet.  At the end of each month, either Janet or I would flip the calendar page. On the occasions when I was the page-turner, I’d pretend to not know what picture awaited for the following month .

This was the photo for October: probably our favorite of the entire year.

oct 12-31-2013 6-13-07 AM

And, for November, the month Lona died, not a Friesian, but rather this beauty.

nov 12-31-2013 6-13-26 AM

Earlier this week, when it came time to take down my calendar for the year, I had so many memories of the smiles this calendar brought to both Lona and me.

I miss her.

~These Days Of Mine~

12 responses to “A Calendar Full Of Memories

  1. She will always be in your heart. It is so hard to lose someone you cared for for so many months. Just know that she loved you and all you did for her.

  2. It will be hard not to have that calendar up to remind you of the pleasant times. But as long as they’re in your heart, they’ll never really be gone!

  3. Love the snowy Castle header ! Beautiful…..I’m sure that calendar is one you will KEEP instead of toss like many of us do with the prior year’s calendar when it’s replaced…..memories can’t be thrown out like an old calendar though and you have lots of memories of time spent with Lona. I know she treasured that time as much as you did. Those horses are incredibly gorgeous – long hair, well defined musculature – VERY photographable indeed.


  4. Me too! I miss her and think of her often – every time I look next door. She loved sharing your love of horses with you.

  5. This is the perfect example of things that stir our memories. A picture, a smell, a sound. They don’t go unnoticed.

  6. Awww Dianna. How wonderful you had each other.
    Lovely header!

  7. A fine recollection of Lona and one of those traditions that meant so much.. and … LOVE the new header! .. one of your best Castle photos !

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What sweet memories of Lona and joyful times together. I think of her often.

  9. Love lives on, doesn’t it?

  10. What a happy memory to share, how much you both enjoyed those calendars and the horses.

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