Sundae’s Gift

When we adopted Sundae almost three years ago, all I really wanted was a lap kitty. Sundae “reeled me in” at the Humane Society by immediately curling up in my lap.  Once we got her home, it was obvious that had just been a ploy on her part to have me adopt her.

But in the past couple of months, she has become a lap kitty in the evenings, when I finally make it to the recliner. So, for Christmas, Sundae gifted me with this kitty lap-nap throw.

lap nap throw 1-5-2014 6-13-43 AM

Sundae really likes to be under the throw when she’s in my lap. This blob is actually “undercover” Sundae.

sundae under throw1 12-28-2013 11-54-17 PM

Here’s a rare occasion where Sundae is actually on top of the throw. Now, folks, this is a lap full o’ kitty.

lap full of kitty 12-29-2013 12-50-41 AM

But, wait….what’s this?

sundae in blanket2 12-27-2013 3-46-34 AM 12-27-2013 3-46-34 AM

Why do I get the feeling that Sundae didn’t actually get that blanket for me?


It seems this may have been just another of Sundae’s ploys.

~These Days Of Mine~

20 responses to “Sundae’s Gift

  1. No doubt about it….she is only SHARING “her” blanket with you I think – but I know you love every minute of it! So do I…..nothing like a warm kitty and a warm blanket at the same time!


  2. AWW!! But how can you resist that face? At least, Sundae is sharing YOUR blanket with you!

  3. I think Sundae may be feeling the chill we all are feeling and knows it’s a whole lot warmer on your lap under the blanket. Smart girl, your Sundae.

  4. Clearly, she’s no dummy!

  5. Sundae is quite the sneaky cat isn’t she? But with those good looks, I imagine she gets away with it.

  6. So cute! She knows where the best warm spot is. And both of you are going to need that warm blankey if you this arctic chill that we’re having heads your way. Stay warm, you two.

  7. Really sweet! I’m wondering how my barn kitties are staying warm.

  8. Hahahaha! Sundae is a hoot and you now have a lap cat! What a wonderful Christmas gift that was. 🙂

  9. What a great gift for the both of you!

  10. That is a darling throw Sundae gifted you! I am sure you.. er Sundae will get lots of warm use out of it!

  11. i think she’s finally staking claim to your lap because of gypsy’s daytime possession.

  12. I know both of you will get hours of enjoyment out of that ! – glad she’s becoming a lap kitty!

  13. Her little face peeking out is so stinking cute! What a sweet post 🙂 MJ

    It’s 2F here in MI and I’m hunkered down and working from home..

  14. Sundae, yous is MY kind of girl cat!!! And that is a beauteous blanket!

  15. Haha, at least she is content to share it with you. Dianna, I think you’ve been had!

  16. This post is so charming–sitting here grinning the whole time I read it. AND what good taste Sundae has because I love the blanket!

  17. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sundae is one smart and loved kitty!

  18. Awwwwww, cute!!!!
    But it’s nice on winter! Warm place, warm cat!

  19. Oh she’s a cutie and looks so comfy in your (or make that her) new blanket.

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